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Talk N Text is a cellular service of Smart Communications a subsidiary of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT). Talk N Text is formerly known as Mobiline and Phone Pal, it was April 2000 when Piltel launched its Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) brand Talk N Text.  Before its transfer to Smart, Piltel reported more than 16 million subscribers on Talk N Text.

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Now Talk N Text is known for low-cost packages serving mostly on the mobile needs of the masses in the Philippines. And below I’ve listed down some of their promos for you to avail and take advantage the discount.

Talk N Text Promo

To make it easy for you to decide, the list of Talk N Text promo below has a description and a procedure how to avail.

NOTE: Some of the promos listed may not be available due to the limited time offer, please check their website for more details.

Talk N Text Text Promo

UnliTxt2All20 – Talk N Text promo offering 2 days unlimited to all Networks

To avail just text UA20 to 4545, make sure that you have enough balance on your account.

UnliText Extra 30 – Three days unlimited text with 15 minutes calls to Smart and TNT subscribers.

To avail just text U30 to 4545, also available for 2 days text UA20 to 4545

GaanTxt 10 – 100 SMS or MMS to Smart and TNT subscribers plus 10 text to all Networks, valid for one day

To avail text GT10 to 8855

GaanTxt 20 – 200 text to all networks, valid for 2 days

To avail text GT20 to 4545

UnliTxt 10 – Unlimited text to Smart and Talk N Text subscribers, valid for one day

To avail text U10 to 4545, if you want to avail for 30 days unlimited text to Smart/TNT, text U150 to 4545

SangkatuTex 15 – Two days, 200 texts to Smart and Talk N Text Subscribers

To avail text STEX15 to 4545, also available for 7 days, 1000 texts to Smart/TNT subscribers, just text STEX60 t0 4545

UnliTxt2All 300 – Unlimited text to all networks for 30 days

To avail text UA300 to 4545

Talk N Text Call Promo

Talk N Text Call Promo

SangkatuTok 15 – 20 minutes call to Smart and TNT subscribers, valid for 2 days

To avail text STOK15  to 4545

SangkatuTok 30 – 45 minutes call to Smart and TNT subscribers, valid for 4 days

To avail text STOK30 to 4545

Talk N Text Internet Promo

Talk N Text Internet Promo

FB2  – Unlimited Facebook for 2 pesos only, valid for one day.

To avail this talk n text promo, you must also avail to this chosen Talk N Text Promo (Gaan Text 10, Gaan Unli Trio Plus 20, Gaan Text 20, All Text 10, PaTok-o-Tex 10)

After you avail to the chosen promo, wait for at least 3 hours, then text FB2 to 4545. Wait for the confirmation to arrive and that’s it, you may now enjoy unlimited FB for 24 hours.

Pisonet Sampler – 5 hours of internet or up to 8.4mb of data, valid for 2 days. In this promo you can chat, twit, send email, Facebook and internet for a total of 5 hours in two days.

To avail text SAMPLE to 4545

Always On 20 – 45mb of data for 20 pesos only

To avail text ON 20 to 2200

Piso FB – using PisoFB, you can access Facebook for 10 minutes (1.3 mb cap) for only one Piso.

To avail text PISO FB to 4545

Nokia Xpress Browsing –  15 pesos for Unli FB, Unli Twitter, Email and Unli Browsing available only for Nokia Xpress Browser valid for one day.

To avail text NXB15 to 211

Talk N Text Combo Promo

Extra – 5 pesos for additional 1 day text or call in your current promo. This promo is available only if you avail Gaan Unlitext Plus 15/20, Unlitext Plus 10/20, Araw-Araw Load 30, Gaan Unli Trio 20, Gaan Text 10, Alltxt 10, UA 15/20, Unlitext 10, Gaantext 20, Patok-o-text 10.

To avail text EXTRA to 4545

UnliTxt Plus 10 – Unlimited text plus 10 minutes call to Smart and TNT subscribers plus 50 text to all networks

To register text TP10 to 3545, valid for one day

Gaan Unli Trio Plus 15 – Unlitext to Smart, TNT and Sun plus 10 minutes Smart/TNT subscribers

To register text TRI15 to 4545

Araw-Araw Load 30 – Unlitext plus 30 minute call and 30 minutes surfing,  valid for 3 days.

To avail text AL30 to 4545

Talk N Text International Promo

3PIDD – 3 pesos per minute international call, available only for selected country; USA (Main), Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, China, Guam and Macau.

To avail dial *300<00><Country Code><Number>

KamusText – 20 pesos for 8 international text,available only to USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, Guam and Malaysia.

To avail text KT20  to 433 valid for one day only

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. This post is created for informational purposes only. For complete and updated list of Talk N Text promos, visit Talk N Text website.

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