How to Schedule Updates and Reboots For Your Windows 10

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Just when you are finishing something some important document, the Windows updates itself and advises you that it’s going to reboot. Your initial reaction would be a burst of anger and even tears, but you don’t need to feel that way because you can now plan a more efficient time to reboot and update your computer.

Windows 10 now permits you to indicate a period for the PC to reboot after upgrades are introduced to complete the installation. Here are some ways to schedule updates and reboots for your Windows 10.

  1. To set a time to reboot for updates, click the Start menu symbol and select “Settings”.Schedule Windows 10 Restart and updates step 1
  2. On the Settings page, navigate to “Update & Security”.Schedule Windows 10 Restart and Updates step 2
  3. The “Windows Update” screen shows the default settings. In the event that you have updates accessible, Windows will begin downloading them and getting ready for installation. You will then need to navigate to the link for “Advanced option”. The processing will still continue despite the fact that you are leaving the screen for “Windows Update”.Schedule Windows 10 Restart and Updates step 3
  4. On the screen where you can find the “Advanced Options”, choose “Notify to schedule restart” which is located in the dropdown list at the highest point of the screen.Schedule Windows 10 restart and updates
  5. Choose the left arrow button situated at the upper left side of the screen to come back to the “Windows Update” screen.Schedule windows 10 updates
  6. You will then be notified for the planned and choices will be given to you to determine a period for the restart to take place.
  7. The principal alternative gives a proposed time to restart the machine to wrap up the updates. To indicate an alternate time and date, select the “Select a restart time” selection and determine the “Time” and “Day”. For the “Time”, tap the designated box, drift your mouse over the time (hour, minutes, and AM/PM) and look through the alternatives until you reach what you need.
  8. There ought to additionally be a “Restart Now” link you can snap to restart the machine now to complete the updates quickly.

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