The Ebook Business: Hobby That Can Earn A Living?


In our generation, there are still those who rely on books for knowledge and information. However, even books are embedded in the technology our world has. How? Through ebooks. If you don’t have the slightest idea on what an ebook is, let me give you a short definition. From its term, an ebook is an electronic version of a printed book. Since this is the case, readers can read it through their devices that are compatible.

If you’ve not been living under a rock for a few years back, then you probably know what an ebook is. Yes, to cut to the point, ebooks can generate money. Furthermore, it can be something that puts money inside your pocket. Yes, aside from spreading knowledge and information, it can also earn you a living.

So in this article, we will be detailing how you can create an ebook from start to finish.

Decide on your topic

First and foremost, you need to think of what you’ll write about. Why? Because your target market will be dependent on the topic. There are a lot of things you can write about and it’s an ocean of them. A quick tip is to write about something that you know like the back of your palm so you won’t allot multiple hours just for research.

For example, if you are to write about school tips, your target market would be students who can comprehend what you will write. Moreover, you can also include parents of these students on how they can moderate or properly execute strategies for their children.

So, your topic is crucial. This actually is the very first step in securing a successful ebook. Strategy is key; think about what your material will be and plan about it.

Of course, create your plan or outline of the content

Do you remember those language or English classes you had? The times when you were told to write articles/essays? What is the first thing that your teacher asks you to do? Outlines, right? To give you a refresher, an outline is the skeleton of your soon-to-be article. Since it’s just the skeleton, you don’t have to include everything there. What you want to put there are just key words/phrases/sentences that would make up each part of the article.

Just like in making articles or essays, you need to outline your ebook. Plan what you will write and how you will write it. Furthermore, you also need to state there some of the sources, links, and whatever it is you need for you to be guided while you complete and furbish your work.

The most effective way of outlining the content is by making sure that the flow goes steadily. In addition, the outline you will create needs to have the gradual increase of interest. For example:

  • Plan everything ahead by thinking what to write in each section;
  • Take note of all the biggest and most relevant points;
  • Design of each page;
  • Etc.

By doing this, you would know what to start, what would be next, and what you need in order to properly execute your literature.

Fill it out with content

ebook content

You would think that making the words in your ebook grand and vague is favorable – think twice. Instead of using rare and not-so-normal words, use words that are understandable and ear-friendly. Remember, the most effective way of planting information or teaching is by helping them understand what you want them to understand in the easiest way possible.

What possible tips are there to guide me in finishing the content of the ebook?

  • Put emphasis on what you want your readers to learn about by adding adjectives;
  • Stick with the point of view you’re using (1st person point of view, 2nd person point of view or 3rd person point of view)

NOTE: Different points of view can lead to misdirection and misconception. Ensure that what you use from the start, is what you’ll use until you finish.

  • A consistent format will never be left in place. This will help your readers understand your material easily and more comfortably;
  • Lastly, A little bit of graphics won’t hurt. Like if you have chapters or the most important points of your content, adding some drawings/sketches/graphics will make your readers understand it more.

Design your ebook

Of course, right after putting your content, you need to come up with a uniform and consistent design. Although the design will not be the one that will matter, it’s still going to be the chip that would make your work different from others.

Templates, colors, cliparts, designs, borders, whatever you can think of that would differentiate you from the rest are a go-go.

Keep in mind that ebook designing is all about managing and handling the structure. One good tip we can give you is that to have a sole type of design that would flow freely until the last page of your ebook.

It’s also relevant to know which colors would go well with what you’ll be writing about. Know different meanings and symbols of colors and visuals to help you in this part. Without proper and sufficient knowledge, you might be lost and confused.

Polish your ebook

After everything that needs to be done, you would need to have a last look at your ebook. This is the part where you finally decide if you put that image, color, or word in that scenario. Moreover, this part of the process is where you’d decide if you’ll highlight this specific phrase/sentence/quote or not.

NOTE: It is imperative that you highlight important text or the text that you want your readers to know by heart. Why? Because this is what will make important points, knowledge, etc. more valuable. By emphasizing them, your readers would know by instinct that the text you highlighted is something that they should carry everywhere they go.

Strategize on your market

So, you’ve finished everything and you’re sure that you’re ready to publicize your work. What do you do?

To start, you would need a bit of a connection and a few thousand pesos for this. Why? You need help of endorsers, social media, etc. If you’re confident enough that people will be mesmerized by your work and that you do not need external help anymore, then feel free to walk on your own legs. However, it is highly recommended that you start by giving out information to people who can publicize it easily; to people who are influential.

Especially if you’re just starting in the industry, it’s difficult to anticipate whether your work will be a hit or not.

Go back to basics, know your target market; ask yourself questions like “What would be the easiest and most efficient way on how I can spread this to my target market? Social media? Blog ads? The TV? Newspapers? Magazines? Etc.” 

You need to come up with at least four (4) different ways on how you will execute your marketing. Four might seem many but proper and successful execution can guarantee a break.

So, overall, that’s the basic procedure on how you can turn your hobby into something that puts money inside your pocket. Although we did not go into full detail on every step, what I wanted is for you to have an idea on the flow of creating an ebook and how to publicize it.

Other important points to remember when creating an ebook:

  • The title of your ebook must be at par with the content you’ll write about. Plus, the title would be responsible for catching the attention of your readers.
  • Don’t stress yourself in creating the outline or the plan of your ebook. Take your time because this will be the most important foundation of your content. Think about how will the flow go; think about how you will write about this and that, etc.
  • The design shouldn’t be a problem especially if you like reading. For readers like you, you would tend to know more about what would make other readers read more of your content.
  • Study colors, images, symbolism, and word-play to aid you in the content part of your ebook. This is relevant because this will be the ones you will be remembered for.
  • Ask help from friends and family; don’t be shy. They will be your greatest marketing pack and therefore, do not hesitate to ask for a helping hand from there.

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