Let’s admit it, here in the Philippines, it’s difficult to not have a business. What’s more difficult is if you have a job that’s not meeting your daily wants and needs. In that case, we always say to have another string of income so you have many streams of profit. But what if you lack capital? What if you don’t have the connection for you to achieve that? Worry not because we’ve gathered affordable franchise businesses that anyone can start that are under half a million pesos.

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Would franchising be a good way to start a business?

Believe it or not, franchising is one of the best businesses you can start especially if you don’t have experience. The fact that what you’re going to be offering is already out there making money is already leverage for you to earn profit. In addition to that, it’s one way of you learning the ins and the outs of the business you are trying to get. You get to have training, you get to learn it from the people who made the business successful; it’s definitely a win-win situation for you.

Therefore, it’s safe and most certainly positive to say that starting affordable franchise businesses could jumpstart your way into the business world. Now, let’s get right on what we want to talk about. Here are some of the franchises you can start in under half a million pesos.

Master Siomai

Master Siomai
Image: MasterSiomai.com

Total franchise investment or cost: Php280, 000.00

One of the leading food kiosks in the country, Master Siomai is a sure investment that you can bank on. The only real thing you have to think about in getting this franchise is the location. The location needs to have good food traffic and it needs to be a busy location. Spots like transport terminals, near schools, near churches, and other locations that would have a good load of people would do.

Package inclusions:

  • 1 stainless siomai steamer
  • 1 unit of a Japanese inspired food cart/kiosk
  • 1 plastic juice container
  • 1 unit of a 5-cu. ft. chest freezer
  • Kitchen & plastic ware (Food products, Paper products, Cleaning supplies, Uniforms)

Getting the franchise:

1. You need to find your own location and a projected amount of sales per day

2. A 50 percent deposit before the installation of the food cart/kiosk is necessary

3. During meetings, the owner of the kiosk should attend business operation meetings together with selected crew members

4. The signing of the contract and franchise agreement and the full payment upon the delivery of the food cart.

Contact details:

88 C. Arellano St., Brgy. Ibaba,
Malabon City Metro Manila Philippines

Siomai King

siomai King
Image: JFCFranchisingInc.com

Total franchise investment or cost: Php168, 000.00

Another big player in the food cart industry would be Siomai King. The same as Master Siomai, you need a good location wherein people would be able to notice and see that the cart is existent. Foot traffic is the most important part of having a food cart because it’s where potential consumers and clients will emerge.

Package inclusions:

  • Security deposit worth Php40, 000,00
  • Food tasting products worth Php1, 000.00
  • Stainless round steamer
  • Stainless stove
  • Acrylic juice dispenser
  • Trade name and logo use
  • Food Cart
  • Utensils
  • Comprehensive personnel training and operations manual
  • Marketing materials

Contact details:

You can send them an email at [email protected] or you can contact them at 889-4773 to 76 0918-8JCFRAN (523786). 

For more details about this, visit the website by clicking here.

Star Frappe

Star Frappe
Image; StarFrappe.com.ph

Total franchise investment or cost: Php99, 000.00

Part of the newer businesses to take on the caffeine community, Star Frappe is slowly growing and it’s reaching out to you. They offer a wide array of drinks to refresh people from a hard day’s work.

Package inclusions:

  • Trade name use
  • Food Cart
  • Operation equipment
  • Crew uniform
  • Initial products worth Php3, 000
  • Franchisee and crew training
  • After-sales support

Contact details:

You can shoot them an email at [email protected] 

Noodle House

Noodle House Affordable franchise
Image: JFCFranchisingInc.com

Total franchise investment or cost: Php168, 000.00

One of the rarest types of food carts who offer authentic Hong Kong style noodles with flexibility in terms of location and prices. Noodle House is a good source of income if you put it in places with a high volume of workers and students. With the cost, we can say that it’s one of the most affordable franchise businesses here in the country.

Package inclusions:

  • Security deposit worth Php40, 000,00
  • Food tasting products worth Php1, 000.00
  • Business system use
  • Heavy-duty equipment and utensils
  • Staff uniform (6)
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Trade name and logo use
  • Food Cart
  • 4-day onsite crew training
  • Opening assistance

Contact details:

You can send them an email at [email protected] or you can contact them at 889-4773 to 76 0918-8JCFRAN (523786). 

For more details about the franchise, click here!

Mr. Liempo

Me Liempo Affordable franchise
Image: MrLiempo.com

Minimum franchise investment or cost: Php168, 000.00

Now, this is where it gets a little bit different. Although the initial cost is somewhere near half a million pesos, you can have a return of investment in less than a year especially with the type of products and services this franchise offers. Mr. Liempo, based on its name, offers roasted liempo and chicken perfect for any occasion!

Package inclusions:

  • Trademark, name, and logo use
  • Assistance in construction
  • Store design
  • Equipment and kitchen tools
  • Office and cleaning supplies
  • Crew uniform and training
  • Operations manual

Contact details:

Call any of these numbers and set-up an appointment if you’re interested!

  • 376-5326
  • 697-7228
  • 0906-2487852
  • 0923-7351513

Visit their website to know more about the Mr. Liempo franchise by clicking on this link here!

Express pay

ExpressPay Affordable franchise
Image: ExpressPay.com.ph

Minimum franchise investment: Php154, 000.00

Probably the rarest in the list, Express Pay is a service-centered office wherein people can do any of the following things: Money Remittance (both local and international), Bayad Bills Payment Center, Eload – prepaid load, courier services, travel and tours, and other online-based services.

Unlike other franchises in this list, Express Pay has different packages you can choose from. The packages tackle the contract of the franchisee to the franchise. However, the regular inclusions of the package would be:

Package inclusions:

  • Three (3) day training
  • Marketing collateral
  • Lighted signage
  • System set-up
  • Partner poster
  • Service Charter Poster
  • Transaction forms
  • Helpdesk/Customer service support
  • OR standee

Contact details:

Senior Consultant: Philip Rosales / [email protected]
Senior Consultant: Beth Pecson / [email protected]

  • Globe: (0917) – 735 – 0121
  • Smart: (0929) – 717 – 2996
  • Sun: (0922) – 697 – 5731
  • Landline/s: (02) 668 – 0362 / (02) 232 – 8070/ (02) 543 – 3671

Those, by far are the most affordable franchise businesses (who perform) we’ve seen in the market. As you see, owning a franchise could be difficult and stressful at first but in the long run, you will thank them as well. Although these franchises look scary because of their amounts at first, it’s actually positive because one, they already have their own market; two, you don’t need to market hardly anymore; and three, it’s a training ground for your own growth.

If you want to know more information about affordable franchise businesses here in the Philippines, visit the Philippine Franchise Association’s (PFA) website at: http://www.pfa.org.ph/members-database.


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