The Common Ways People Break Their Phones and How You Can Avoid it

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Our smartphones are known to be extensions of our computers. In fact, it can also be regarded to as extension of our bodies. Without it, we feel incomplete. It has become an important part of our lives and it will be for quite a long time. Inevitably, it goes through the wear and tear process too, like most things.

Common Ways People Break Their Phones
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However, some people break it unwillingly as well. It’s such a fragile thing that even a few minor damages can cause it to break. It can be such a hassle, trust me, I know the feeling too, to see your smartphone being broken.

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Filipinos disregard the fact that smartphones can easily be broken – it can break without a sweat. If you have phone insurance, then you won’t have a problem. But many of us don’t have that – hell we aren’t even aware of that!

But what are the most common ways people break their phones? And what are the things you can do so you don’t fall into the same trap?

A smartphone’s screen will break easily

Ever wondered why a smartphone’s screen is so fragile that even simple friction breaks it? Truth of the matter is, screen breakage is the leading type of phone damage. In fact, most, if not all, smartphone owners complain about their smartphones breaking.

It’s Science is this: when you drop your phone, the elastic energy that is stored in the glass is converted into surface energy. This is the main reason why the glass cracks; which is why when your phone cracks, it does not shatter it. But dropping your phone, the impact will overcome the surface compression; resulting in small stresses that leads to your screen shattering.

Having that said, let’s go to the common ways people break their phones.

Dropping your phone

As mentioned above, almost all people drop their phones. If you’re lucky, your phone might have been hit in the soft part, causing your phone to be at one piece. But if not, then the screen can crack, causing it to break.

It could be for any reason: it could fall out of your pocket, it could slip off of your hand, it could fall while vibrating; there are many different causes. You might think that a cracked screen, but not the “LCD” is okay. But no, in the long-run, it can ruin your phone completely.

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You can be wounded by it, you can experience problems with its touchscreen; it literally is the pillars of your phone’s end.

How can I be safe from dropping my phone?

Because it’s the top of the common ways people break their phones, there are a couple of things you can do to avoid this mishap:

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  • Avoid using your phone everywhere; while walking, while commuting, while eating. As much as possible, use it with both of your hands.
  • Put protection on your phone like tempered glass, a screen protector, and a phone case.
  • Refrain from holding your phone wherever you go. Most people find it convenient to hold their phones instead of putting it inside their pockets.
  • Avoid putting your phone inside your pocket – when you’re not using it, place it in a secure place like a purse, a bag, a pouch, anything that would keep it from falling.

Sitting on it

Although this might seem silly, but most people actually sit on their phones accidentally. This is something people do without them knowing; in fact, it can be because it easily slipped from your pocket.

You might not feel it because a smartphone doesn’t’ really weight that much. However, accidentally sitting on a phone is one of the most common ways people break it.

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How can I be safe from it?

You can’t really be safe from it. In fact, even if your phone has protection, your weight will overpower even the strongest protections of your phone. Plastic or glass cannot overcome physics.

So, it’s better to avoid putting your phone inside your pocket. This way, you can be sure that you won’t break it by sitting down on it.

Letting your children use it

It’s a curse; in fact, many parents allow their children to use their phones. As a child, they won’t be as caring as you with your smartphone. They might throw it when they get frustrated – so be careful.

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This is actually one of the most common ways people break their phones, according to statistics. So, do not be surprised to see a broken screen after letting your child use it.

How can I be safe from this?

We’re not saying don’t allow your child to use your phone; what we want to let you realize is to check on it from time to time. Although it’s also not healthy for children to stare at radiation-emitting screens for hours, let them use it for a bit but keep a keen eye on them.

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Wetting it

Water or any type of liquid is the last thing your smartphones want. When liquid reaches whatever parts and components your smartphones have, it can cause short circuits that can damage your smartphone and eventually break it.

Not mentioning the fact that you might forget that it’s inside your pocket when you jump into the pool; we go back to the 2nd of the most common ways people break their phones.

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How can I be safe from spilling liquid to my phone?

Avoid using your smartphone without you focusing on it. In our time now, reading the news on a smartphone is more popular than reading it on a newspaper. So, to be safe, try to refrain from using your smartphone anywhere near a cup of coffee, a glass of water or soda, or even when you’re near a pool.

Always think of the worst that can happen when liquid spills into your device – it’s not going to be a pretty sight.

Viruses and malware

Most people forget to think about the fact that their devices are prone to different threats such as malware, adware, and viruses. This is common especially to Android users who have the ability to download stuff even if it’s not licensed.

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iPhones, on the other hand, aren’t too susceptible to this because they do not allow downloads outside the Apple App Store. However, we still can’t be so sure that your iPhone is safe from these threats.

How can I avoid viruses and malware to creep on my device?

The first thing you need to understand is that these things are often carried over by things that you download. Yes, if you said yes to the prompt that says “this file can cause harm on you device,” chances are, you already have it.

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So, in order to be sure that your smartphone is safe from any of these threats, avoid downloading from unknown sources. If you’re an iPhone user, try to refrain from doing things that would allow downloads even from the web directly.

You might just be unknowingly breaking your device.


Many smartphone users don’t realize that their device can overheat, too. Yes, especially if the usage is non-stop, it will most definitely result to overheating. It happens, yes, and although it’s rare, it’s one of the things most people fail to realize.

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Overheating is not just a myth; in fact, it’s one of the things that can cause your phone to break inevitably. Not minding how you use it and how the battery is being used can cause a great deal of damage to the device and brick it completely.

How can I avoid overheating my phone?

As one of the most common ways people break their phones, overheating is something you should be considering. As odd as it may seem, you can overheat your phone without you even knowing it.

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Here are some of the things you need to understand for you to avoid overheating your smartphone:

  • Avoid using or leaving your phone outside when the temperature is high
  • Refrain from leaving your phone in your car, especially when it’s parked under the sun
  • Help your smartphone lose stress by turning off all active programs and features. These include:
    • Reducing the screen’s brightness
    • Turning of mobile data or wi-fi
    • Putting it on airplane mode
    • Closing apps you’re not using
  • When you’re feeling that your phone is getting hotter, try not to use it as much first. Let it cool down for a bit; try closing apps, too.

Try to restart your phone when you think that it’s not performing at its highest or best rate, too. Doing so can kill the apps that are not in use which can help you cool your phone down faster.

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It’s not a bad thing to be cautious about your smartphone. In fact, a majority of people don’t think about their smartphones until they see it broken. So, are you going to wait for that to happen? Now that you know the most common ways people break their phones, would you be more cautious in keeping your smartphone safe and secure?

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