How to Setup Remote Desktop Access using TeamViewer

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When you want to control any computers or devices remotely, for whatever reason you can easily use free software that you can download online.

It is very useful if you want to help someone to fix a simple system issues that can only be fixed if you have an access to the particular computer.

In this article I will show you how to use TeamViewer to setup a remote desktop access. To use this software you need to install it on both computers or device.

TeamViewer is a proprietary computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

TeamViewer is available in almost all kinds of computers or devices, from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS or other devices OS.

I will use Mac computer and Android device to demonstrate and show you how to setup and use Teamviewer. The process is the same when you are using different Computer OS or device.

Setup Remote Desktop Access using TeamViewer

  1. Download TeamViewer on both devices, or you can ask the person near the device or computer if it is remote. To download TeamViewer, go to the official download page or search in Google Play or App Store.Download Teamviewer
  2. Follow the on screen instruction when installing.remote desktop using teamviewer
  3. After you install TeamViewer on both devices, in my case I want to control my MacBook Pro with my Nexus phone running Android. This is what you see on desktop computers. remote desktop access 3-1If you want to control other’s computer, ask them to give you the ID and Password then enter it on the Partner ID and click “Connect to Partner” button. On Android device you will see like this one when you open the app. Remote access 3It looks like it will only act like a remote control on the desktop/laptop computer. Enter the ID of the computer that you want to control, then tap on “Remote Control” button.
  4. Since I want to control my Mac, I will enter the TeamViewer ID of my Mac, then tap on the “Remote Control” button.Remote desktop access 4
  5. On the next screen it will ask for the password of the computer that you want to control, enter the password, then click “OK”.Remote desktop access 5
  6. Wait until it connects to the computer that you want to control, when successful you will see a simple mouse interactions guide like on the screenshot below, that you can use to control the mouse. Click continue.remote desktop using teamviewer
  7. You can now see what’s on the screen on the other computer, and you can control it remotely. The speed will depend on the internet connection of both devices or computer.Remote desktop

It is better to use a laptop or desktop computer if you are going to control another computer, aside from you have a bigger screen, you can use the controls available, unlike using a smartphone or tablet.

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