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Summer’s here although some already experienced it a week or two from now, but it is officially here for students who of course are not up for summer classes or some other academically-related agenda. Given that some schools will resume on late July to August, you have ample time to earn money if you are just waiting for the school year to resume. Do you have time, patience, and willingness to learn and earn out of the summer that you have? Here is a list of the summer jobs you can do while waiting for the school year to resume.

Virtual Assistant

There are people and companies who cannot handle their works 100% of the time 24/7. This is when virtual assistants come to their aid. As virtual assistants, you are not expected to be an expert on something; you just mainly have to answer the call or the help of your clients. There are companies who require assistants to answer phone calls, call people using Skype, sort papers, sheets, and many more services that assistants do.

Job requirement: Although you aren’t required to be fully versed in the English language, you may need to be knowledgeable and comprehensible with it.   You need to have a stable and reliable internet connection. It is also recommended to be somewhere quiet because you will be required to take and make calls.

Expected pay: Depends on your employer or client but it is roughly around P100 – P300/ hour. Some clients pay per hour so do not forget to ask your employer.

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Graphics Designer

If you are one of those who are updated with modern software, gifted with an initial creative gut of approaching things, and driven by art and inspiration, then being a graphic designer is a perfect spot for you. This job requires you to create visual images for companies and for employers. What’s good about this is that you do not have to work 8 hours a day; although there are some who spend more hours when working on only one specific project. This is also great because you have the choice to work in an office or to work in the comfort of your own home as a freelance designer.

Job requirement: Being a graphic designer mainly needs you to be someone who is keen on detail and is up for editing, changing, and redesigning. It is best if you have sample works from previous clients to showcase it to your client bids in the future.

Expected pay: Although not all graphic designers are paid similarly, it depends on how good your output is and the magnitude of the works you have sent. Roughly, each layout or output you send can make you P1, 000 – P2, 000.


I’m pretty sure every student or employee has set foot inside coffee shops namely Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, or any other coffee shop you know. The people who greet you a “good morning” and the ones who bid farewell with a “have a nice day!” are the ones who you call baristas; they are the ones who make your coffee, tea, or any other drink that you like served. Although establishments like Starbucks only accept people who are 18 years older or above, it still a good deal for them because you will know how to mix things up and you will have the opportunity to work at a very professional space.

Job requirement: Some companies require you to have a diploma for being a barista although some do not. It is expected that applicants should be fluent in both English and Filipino and they should have a pleasing personality while on duty. As other job requirements, you are expected to submit:

  • CV or Resume
  • NBI Clearance

Expected pay: Before, I had known that coffee companies offer around P10, 000 a month but right now, that can go up to P16, 000 a month.

ESL Teacher

Are you excellently versed with the English language? Well most Filipinos are fluent in both written and verbal English which paves the reason why a lot has potential in becoming ESL teachers. There are a lot of people who are yearning to learn English in the most relaxing and simplest way possible. Most clients are foreigners like Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese because their native tongues do not include the English language.

Job requirement: It is expected that you have a good grasp of the English language, verbal and non-verbal. You should also be a virtuoso in the basics of the English language such as subject-verb agreement, etc.

Expected pay: The smallest pay you can get can be around P13, 000 but it can go up depending on the company, student/s you are handling, and your experience as a teacher.

Web Developer

Arguably one of the highest-paying part-time jobs right now; being a web developer does not only make you one of the smartest, and most creative entities walking this earth, it also makes you one of the richest, if you go the right path, if I must. You see, everything you see on your computer, on the internet, our smartphones,etc., are made by developers.

Job requirement: It is expected that you know programming and Microsoft Web technology. Applicants should also be competent in presentation, and should also have organization skills.

Expected pay: There is no specific wage or salary for this job. It depends on the client, the project, and the length of the work but roughly around P10, 000 – P30, 000 per project.

So there are a lot of things you can do while you have a lot of time to burn. Think of ways, think of the time you have before school starts again. Who knows, maybe this job that you are planning to take may even be a stable part-time job while you are studying. Remember, time is money so do not waste it.

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