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There’s something good for GCC Nationals. Some of which include Bahrain – or Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman – or Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia – or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and UAE – United Arab Emirates, and all its residents.

From this time forth, they  can make applications of the whole process correlated to nationality and residency, without having to visit typing offices or customer service centers. UAE has launched a new smart services system which lets them apply for entry permits and residency visas online.

With the newly-launched system which is called “E-channels.” This means that the nationals and residents no longer have to visit typing centers for entry permits and residency visas. Application can now be done within 10 minutes from the comfort of their homes.

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The new system connects government entities involved in providing residency and visa services and offers first-time benefits in terms of similar procedures, with the ability to read official documents electronically, using face recognition technology to identify the applicants, handle routine requests as well as auditing, accounting, governance, protection and quality control, all without human intervention as per international standards.

Anyone can register at and select the services required and allowed for them so people don’t need to physically visit different visa agencies or centers in the UAE.

Individuals will need an email ID and password to register and log into the system.  If for example you have selected an individual service, you have to simply type in your email address.

Apply for UAE Visa Online

Immediately, a reply will be sent to your e-mail with a link. Click on the link to complete your registration.

Apply for UAE Visa Online 2

Answer the query about your nationality first. This determines which services are allowed for you.

Apply for UAE Visa Online

Then fill the form and obtain login details to access the new system.

Apply for UAE Visa online 3

There are some rules applied for the registration of Individual Services.

Please note that application registration is available for the following categories:

  • Establishments
  • Typing centers
  • Citizens of the United Arab Emirates and the GCC countries who are over the age of 18 years
  • Residents of the United Arab Emirates and the GCC who are over the age of 18 years and corporate sponsorship or VIP

What are the processes that can be done?

  • Emiratis can apply to sponsor individuals.
  • Residents can apply for new visas, or renew or cancel existing ones.
  • They can also follow up on applications and print visas.
  • In the same way, GCC nationals can apply to sponsor individuals and GCC residents can apply for new visa permit.
  • Visitors can also apply for new visa permit.
  • Companies can submit visa applications for their employees without having to visit General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs centers.

An automated payment facility integrated with the system through payment gateway Amwal is provided to the external partners of the ministry who provide the services. The new system will help with financial transparency and facilitate payments via IBAN details. Residents can also get back their security deposit and transaction fees through the same channel without furnishing extra documents. Even fines can be paid through the same system.

According to the estimates of e-transaction experts, the ministry said that the idea of this transaction should not take longer than 10 minutes, depending on the speed of data entry by the applicant. They estimate that the new system will reduce the need for rush for customers to visit government centers by up to 80% by 2018. Furthermore, this will also include new features not available in other countries such as the ability to read official documents electronically and use fingerprint scanning for identification.

Considering how much of a headache in applying for and renewing a visa can be, these good changes are always certainly welcome. This is one simple example of how technology is continuously improving our living.

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Do you have relatives in the UAE whom you think is having trouble with VISA application? Well if you do, you might want to share this to them. This new type of technology does not only save you money for transport; it also helps people from the GCC save time, effort, and it reduces the pressure for individuals.

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