Identifying a Facebook Hoax

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Just recently, word about your private photos, videos, and even messages will come out as a public post has spread all across Facebook in almost all regions of our planet. Many people believed it and so, they clung on to the chain where they posted a status that would save them and their profiles for this information and privacy leakage. Just a few days ago, we learned that this story is a hoax and that it shouldn’t be followed. But how do we identify if a certain story is a hoax? How do we tell if something is fake?

More than half of the youth first learn about something in Facebook. It has become their source where they know what’s happening in and around the globe. They choose this rather than to know current events from the television, the radio, and the newspaper according to a recent study.

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This popularity made people joyous that they can relay beneficial information to people without having the fear that they might get rejected or that they have an open pool of readers and listeners. It did attract cybercriminals and not-so-good people as well. Facebook Hoaxes had its boom last year and it is not showing signs of slowing down until now. Here are a few ways on identifying a post in Facebook if it is true or not.

Their goal is to get shares

If a Facebook post is telling you to share something in particular before you even read it, back off and consider it a hoax. No real news wants to get popular before informing the people; no website wants this. If what they want are clicks, shares, likes, and even reactions – you can definitely conclude that this is not the real deal.

Scandalous stories about Facebook

This one is probably one of the not-so-obvious ones you will encounter. There have been many stories that say things about Facebook and the most recent one is what made us create this article. Most cybercriminals are aware of what Facebook is capable of; they know that Facebook can be a vessel to deliver news which paints the reason why they create some themselves.

Charging users money

There have been news and stories that talk about the site to start charging money from its users. Well if you would read about Facebook’s information pages, they won’t charge money unless you desire to get a service or if you wish to use the site for your own benefits.

Yes you can use Facebook freely to market what you have to your friends and to some groups but if you want to step up on the larger scale, you would have to pay accordingly to the kind of service that you yearn for.

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We live in a world where many people desire to get popular, known, and become inclined in the social network atmosphere. Some strive hard in order to obtain that while some use false news and wrong information to get to that stage. It is very important to distinguish if the information that you get is false or not because it might lead to one way or another and it can be the root of what most people fear the most – fraud and identity theft.

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