Tips that Will make your Facebook Account Secured

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Ever since I started this blog I am writing tips and tutorial about Facebook, how to make account more secure using the security settings. Most users, particularly the beginner doesn’t give much attention to their privacy when using Facebook.

If Facebook a place where you can connect with your family and friends, this is also a place where lawless people looking for their next victim. Posting personal information on public is like you left your main door open where anyone can get inside.

To give you a few tips to make your Facebook account secure, I’ve listed some of my previous tutorials where you can follow and implement on your account.

Change Password and Primary Email

Changing your Facebook Primary email and password from time to time will make your account secure. Although this is inconvenient for some, it is a good practice that you don’t stick to one password since you created your account.

It’s also important to change your primary email and don’t show on public. If they know your primary email they can easily guess your password specially if you are using weak passwords (like birthdays, anniversary) which some of this info are also available on your profile.

If you don’t know how to change your Facebook primary email and password, you can follow the detailed tutorial that I created here: Change Facebook Password, Change Facebook Primary Email.

Request for Security Code Everytime you Login

This is also a good feature if enabled, it’s a second layer of security which asked for a security code that Facebook will send only to the registered mobile number.

You can also use the Facebook app installed on your smartphone to generate code everytime you login to an unregistered device or browser.

To setup this feature you can follow my previous article how to add security on Facebook which show you every step with screenshot included.

Receive Text Message if anyone logs into your Facebook account

This security feature on Facebook when setup will give you alert via text messages everytime someone log in to your account in unregistered device or browser.

Setting up is easy, but if you find it difficult I prepare an instruction for you where you can easily follow, you can read it in this tutorial, how to receive text message if someone log in to your Facebook account.

Know if Someone Opens your Facebook account

Knowing your last login including the location, Operating System of the device, and even the browser used to open your account is enough to know someone accessing your account without you knowing. But if you enabled all the security tips that I mentioned above, you will know easily that someone is in your account.

You can check all the sessions occurred in your account by following the instruction in this article, “How to know if someone open your Facebook account“. You can easily end the activity if you found irregularities in your account.

Check what you are sharing on Public or with your Friends

You can check your Facebook profile as if you are other person’s looking at your profile, you can even set your friend’s name to see what info you are sharing with them.

You can check this without leaving your profile or using your friends Facebook account to check. By using “view as” feature available on any Facebook account, you can simply switch your account to any person where you can check your privacy setting.

I have also created a tutorial on how to check your timeline which you can follow if you still don’t know how.

Now that you have these tips, make sure to use at least one of those tips that I mention for your own privacy and security. Remember, don’t share any personal information online where anyone can see. And if possible turn off the location feature on your phone and don’t share your current location in public.

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