How to Process Business Permits


Processing business permits is tough at times especially when you do it in January wherein most companies apply or renew their permits.  It may also be burdensome if you have to go back and forth to the City or Municipal Office to finish everything.  This scenario may not happen if you know beforehand what to prepare before actually going to the actual process.

Here are helpful tips

Business Permits
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For Sole Proprietorship:

  1.     Get barangay clearance first from the barangay that your business will operate.  You have to take note that the business store location is the basis of your barangay clearance not your residence except of course if you put up your store in the same barangay that you live in.
  2. Apply for business name registration in DTI.  On a case to case basis, you will pass some business seminars from DTI and their connected agencies before you can get your Certificate of Business Name Registration for presentation to other offices for your permit.  For instance, if you are going to make a food business, you will be given a seminar or trainer on proper food handling before you get your certificate or even may require at times to show where you will operate for sanitation purposes.
  3. The next step is to go to the Bureau of Internal Revenue presenting your certificate from DTI with some requirements such as TIN and SS number.  The BIR will ask you to pay for the required fee for legitimate receipts and be given receipt numbers for printing purposes, whether done electronically or from the printing press.  BIR will mark your receipts for usage.  You must take care of the receipts because you will be required to show the used stubs if you need more or if you decide to close your business.
  4. After you have process your BIR and DTI, you will have to go to the City/Municipal Hall for the City/Municipal Permit. Fees will depend on which place you are residing.
  5. Please take note to prepare other requirements that may be needed in the offices mentioned above like your valid government IDs, birth certificate, and other pertinent documents.

For Partnership and Corporations:

Generally, you will be required to process papers and seek approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission to be permitted to operate in the City or Municipality that you are planning to have your business with.  SEC will require you to submit your Articles of Incorporation or Partnership as the case may be for approval.

Because of the close scrutiny from SEC officials and lawyers, it is helpful to use their forms of articles of incorporation and other forms required by them for fast approval.  In this way, all the information that they want to know from you is there already.

SEC offices are not present in every City so it will be helpful that you will prepare ahead of time before you seek approval because you will have to come back and forth in their office for corrections.  It is also helpful that the appointed Treasurer and Secretary of your corporation be nearly present in the area you are applying for because their signatures are needed in almost all SEC forms.

In case of difficulty, there are people or law offices in your area who only ask for minimum amount to process these papers and documents for you.  Some expert lawyers are also locating their offices near the SEC offices so that you can approach them if you need help.

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