What is an eTitle and Why do We Need to Utilize it?


We are currently living in the generation of technological advancements. Right now, everything can be done in just one click of a button; almost all work can be achieved online. Just like in owning a real estate property, it is imperative that you have enough proof to show that you are the rightful owner. That is by securing a land title. However, back in 2008, the Land Registration Authority (LRA), let out the process of acquiring eTitles or electronic titles. In this article, we will be teaching you what that is, how you can do it, why it is important, and its overall effect to us.

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What is an eTitle?

An eTitle or electronic title is the digitized form of a land title. Since the LRA now has a database of lands and titles all over the country, they started urging people to convert to eTitle for a better and a more efficient way of tracking and storing.

With the Land Titling Conversion Project of the LRA, the Registry of Deeds (RD) now has original titles in their secure digital databases. Furthermore, landowners’ duplicate copies of their land titles can now be converted to electronic titles. Since then, the LRA has been convincing landowners, including OFWs, to convert their duplicate copies to eTitles through the Voluntary Title Standardization Program.

Why is it important and good to have an eTitle?

The classic and traditional way of having a certificate of your title is your land title. The original copy is kept by the Registry of Deeds is in their vault and is secure. Your copy (duplicate copy) is the one that you currently have.

This will only be helpful if you plan on doing something with your land (selling it, making it commercial, etc.). When you are looking forward to doing something with it, what you have as a duplicate copy should match what the RD has in their system.

Disadvantages of paper titles

One of the common disadvantages of paper titles is its vulnerability to natural disaster. Tampering with it like burning it, slashing a piece or page off of it, soaking it in water, or whatever you can think of will immediately make it look different. Whereas if you have an eTitle, you’re sure that it will be in its original form forever.

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Another thing is that since its paper, it can be faked or it can be compromised. The reason why there are currently a lot of issues (if you own land or real estate properties) in the past is because of fake documents and proof of certifications. Having an eTitle, however, will immediately save you from that dilemma. Only you and the RD has a copy of your title and it’s safe from physical threats.

In the video below by the LRA, they’re explaining the reasons why every land owner should switch to eTitles for efficiency and better security of the document against fraud and damage.

The goal of the LRA in pursuing this Land Titling Computerization Project is to:

  • Maintain an accurate and precise online information on land titles;
  • To enhance and maintain the integrity and security of records by guarding them from being tampered or being destroyed. Moreover, to dissuade substitution or addition of inaccurate and questionable data, both in paper or digital form; and
  • To provide a system which can detect fake and tampered with land titles. This will ultimately assist in the identifications of people who own real estate properties and land, and people who own them themselves.

Converting your manual owner’s duplicate copy of the land title to an eTitle

According to the LRA, converting your manual land title to an eTitle is not that difficult. You just need to bring the original owner’s copy of the land title to the nearest satellite office and/or the nearest Registry of Deeds. Along with that, bring other required documentation to push through in the processing of the conversion to eTitle. The process is simple, once the officer sees your requirements and it matches what they have on their records, the process of it being an eTitle will take place. After a few days to a week, your owner’s copy of the land title will be an eTitle.

With the new processes and new ways of getting a hold of these important documentation, it’s more convenient and efficient plus it’s less time-consuming. These processes promote less queues in lines, it promotes better processes and more convenient ways of securing documents that will be helpful for every owner’s growth.

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