Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

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A lot have been excited and amazed with the fact that Samsung released probably one of the best smartphones in the market right now. With all advancements and opportunities based on predecessors, they decided to step it up a notch and let users and consumers feel and experience smartphones in a high-technology, sophisticated level. In this article, we will let you read our take on the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Design

In shorter and simpler terms, the design is actually not far from last year’s S6 with stronger and sturdier build. It is also waterproof which ultimately adds another layer of security to the phone. Completed with almost 152g of metal alloys, it is surely a brink of sophistication and strength in just one smartphone.

It also has rear curving now with smaller bezels to actually make users have a nice feel and grip of the phone. The design overall is actually similar to the S6 but with better and more improved and enhanced style.

The Display

Having a 5.1”, 2560 x 1440, and Super AMOLED, you are pretty certain that the colors on this phone would be very much enlightening. Actually similar to last year’s S6, it is not bad for a smartphone because it sets the bar higher for other smartphones to compete.

It also has the “Always On” display which lets you view the time, date, and the battery percentage, even the calendar without you opening your phone. Auto brightness is actually one of the best features of the phone which makes it easier for outdoor usage.

Software, Processor, Memory, and its RAM

For the folks in the United States, they will be utilizing the Snapdragon 820 for the processor while in some parts of the world, they will be equipped with the Octa-core Samsung Exynos. It is a kick-ass processor so you can be assured that your phone won’t go slow too soon.

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Samsung also returned to have their memory expanded for after they halted it in the S6. Yes, you can now insert a micro SD card up to 200GB if you wish to do so. They did this because the maximum capacity on the internal storage is only up to 32GB. The RAM also stepped up a little bit from last year’s 3GB to a staggering 4GB in now’s S7.


The S6 had a 2550mAh battery factor and it went up to 3000mAh now. They also made the battery slightly bigger so that it can stand a day of usage. One of Samsung’s biggest problems is its battery and it is a pretty great move when they did this. Now, users won’t be complaining by how fast their battery drains.


The camera on this beauty is 12-megapixels with aperture which works pretty well even under low light. It also has 1.4-micron pixels which is a monster for photo-taking. They also adjusted the auto-focus which took the place of having a higher megapixel rate which is actually not bad because 12-megapixels is already a great thing.

The front camera is 5-megapixels with 1.7 apertures as well. Not as good as other smartphones’ front camera but it’s totally fine and fair.


If you are keen on the newest details and style, then I strongly recommend getting the Samsung S7 because it has ultimate sophistication, lined with powerful specs and strong detail. The price is totally conveying what the smartphone can offer and that is totally leveled in our generation.

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