Sending GIF Messages in Messenger

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There are a lot of things you can do in Messenger as developers slowly cultivate and improve the system for better, faster, and more efficient communication. Recently, a lot of things have been changing gradually – first one was the ability to send photos and videos, then the ability to record voice messages, video/voice chatting, and a lot more. With recent updates, messenger allowed its users to send GIFs as a means of more fun and happier communication. Yes, you can send GIFs to your friends on messenger and here is how you can do that.

Before diving on with the topic, let me first tell you what a GIF is. A GIF or a Graphics Interchange Format is a format for image files that supports both static and animated images. In short, these are the images you see in some websites that move. The ones that look like animations when you fan down books, notebooks, even cards – photos that move and convey messages are GIFs. Yes, with recent technology, you can now send GIF messages to your friends through messenger.

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Can I send messages even if I only have free data on Facebook?

Unfortunately, people cannot utilize this feature if they are only using the Free Data (Facebook) feature of telephone providers. However, there are promos that give you free Facebook; with that free Facebook, you can as well view Facebook photos, videos, send photos and videos, even GIFs on messenger.

Even though we are told that we cannot send GIFs on Free Data, there were instances where I tried sending a couple of friends some photos on messenger and it worked even if I am just on Free Data. The whole point is, you try it and if it works, then good for you.

How do you send GIFs on Messenger?

If you thought that sending GIFs will just be spoon-fed to you, think again. It is not all-set for you to use because it will be so much for messenger’s space and memory consumption. What you have to do is to download different categories and types of GIFs on messenger. Once downloaded, you can now then start to send GIFs.

Note: Even if you haven’t downloaded any GIFs yet, you can still view the GIFs your friends sent you without any problems. All you need in order to ensure that you properly send and receive GIFs is knowing the status of the internet connection because it plays a big role in uploading and receiving GIFs.

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You can send one by clicking on the GIF button on the top part of your writing space in messenger. Scroll and find GIFs you want to download and then tap twice on the image you want to send. The GIF will then automatically play in a loop with your control (if you want to stop it or not).

Actually, GIFs are made in order to make things lighter and funnier in messenger communication. It was innovated in order for the people to enjoy connecting and chatting with friends and relatives and to ease boredom by just seeing plain blue color schemes the entire time.

GIFs are a great and creative way to tell people things so you better use it wisely and carefully.

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