Things you need to remember before trying to repair your devices


Every so often we come across a problem where all of us can agree upon – our cellphones break, our laptops break, earphones break, etc., etc. Of course, we can go elsewhere to have it fixed but it will cost us money, lots of money just to repair something like a broken LCD, a broken motherboard, and other things that can be broken. Did you know that you alone can fix those issues?

But first and foremost, do you really need to have proper mechanic education before trying to come up with a solution to your broken gadgets? Here are things you need to remember before trying to crack open your devices for check up.

Get the right tools

Before anything else, getting the right tools should be the first step in your journey to become a repairman. Having insufficient tools could be one reason why your device would break continually; just because you did not have the right size of precision tools, just because you were not able to keep track of the space, etc.

Things you need to remember before trying to repair your devices

Owning the right tools is as important as knowledge so be prepared before repairing. It’s what they say, “never arrive at a war unarmed.”

Prepare the appropriate workplace

Yes of course you can work anywhere but having the proper workplace can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Imagine working at a loud and stingy environment; chances are, parts would get lost and you will be out of focus so prepare a fairly-lit, spacious workspace for yourself.

Gather information from friends and relatives, Even the internet.

You should never ever attempt to repair if you do not know anything about what you are doing. It will be just an early death for your device. Try to gather information from friends and family as much as possible. Ask questions like how should you collect screws, what to use in changing LCD, what to use when repairing your earphones, so on so forth.

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The internet can be very helpful as well, you can watch videos/tutorials, you can read forums and blogs, you can search for replacements. You know you could do a lot in the internet so it is time to take advantage of it.

Repair at your own risk

Nobody asked you to repair it yourself; it is you who decided for more knowledge, for saving time, effort, and money, and for being able to practice if any of your clumsiness happens again. Be sure to prepare all four of this and you should be ready to start repairing.

Actually, you don’t need a degree when you try to repair things yourself. You can’t read about it and be ready, you can’t ask ideas and experiences from people and tell yourself you are ready. As the old saying goes, “You cannot learn how to ride a bicycle by reading about it.”

Let yourself experience it first; nobody was born to be good at something immediately. It takes time, patience, effort, and practice. You just have to be wise, you have to work smart and let yourself do the repairing.

Final Tips before repairing at your own risk

  • Gather all necessary information such as step-by-step tutorials, information about parts, and other stuff before repairing. You might be surprised as to how positive or negative it will turn out depending on your level of credibility.
  • Have someone who has experience in repairing assist you in your little few beginner steps. It won’t hurt your pride if you asked for some assistance and knowledge. It will hurt more if you actually break your device.
  • Different devices have different parts so make sure you gather precise and exact parts for your devices.
  • Take your time; don’t force yourself to craft things immediately. If you have watched videos and you’ve seen them do it in under 10 minutes, do not think that you can perform that as well. Those people have been doing that longer than you so you should not expect to perform as well as them.
  • Document the process so that you will have a guide the next time you encounter the problem.
  • Practice and in time, who knows, you might be surprised you already know a lot and you now can start a repair shop and call yourself a handy device repairman.

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