This article will show you how to fund your COL Financial account using BDO online banking, you don’t need to go out to add funds in your account and start buying stocks.

If you don’t have BDO account, just visit the nearest BDO branch and open an account, then register it to online banking, I have an instruction how to enroll in BDO online banking.

When you’re ready, follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to your BDO Online banking account, then add COL Financial in Company/Biller. On “My Quick Links” menu found on the left, select “Add Company/Biller”.How to fund COL financial account step 1
  2. On the Enroll Company/Biller page, select COL Financial Group, Inc. in the Company/Biller name drop-down field, enter the 8 digits COL account number in the Subscriber Number field, then your name and preferred nickname, double check then click submit if you’re done.How to fund COL financial account step 2
  3. After you add COL Financial in your company/biller, head on again on “My Quick Links” menu, this time choose Pay Bills icon.How to fund COL financial account step 3
  4. On the Pay Bills page, select your BDO online account where your funds coming, in the Pay from field. Select COL Financial Group, Inc (Your COL Acct #) from Pay this Company/Biller field, then enter the amount that you want to invest or transfer, enter your remarks, double check then hit “Submit” button.How to Fund COL Financial account step 4
  5. That’s it, you will arrive on the detailed summary of your payment where you can print for record purposes.How to fund COL financial Account step 5


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