What are Close Friends on Facebook

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In the relationship tree, having friends is not the best click to it. Next to having friends, you have close friends; these are the people you can be more intimate with socially, these are the people who you can tell stories to and they will listen. Just like in real life, you can have close friends on Facebook as well. But what are close friends? What does it do? Is it important? I am pretty sure you have these questions in mind about the close friends feature of Facebook but you don’t have to worry because this piece of literature will embed to you all you need to know about close friends.

Close friends on Facebook
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What are close friends?

It cannot be far from what close friends really are in reality. Close friends on Facebook have this bond of communication that they can take advantage of in knowing the person’s activities. If you are close friends with someone, you will be able to receive notifications when they:

In short, you will be able to tell what the person is doing inside Facebook. However, who he/she messages would not be available because that is a little bit too much of privacy. Only the things he/she publicly shares – Facebook will let you know what he/she posts and shares.

How is it different from normal friends on Facebook?

Unlike typical Facebook friends, having close friends will let you keep track of what the person is sharing inside the realms of the “News Feed” on Facebook. They’ll allow you to be knowledgeable and aware that the person is sharing this and posting that.

How can I make a friend a close friend on Facebook?

There are two ways of adding close friends from your Facebook friends:

  1. You can add through your homepage
    • Left menu of homepage > Friends section
    • Click More > and then select Close Friends
    • There is a search bar at the top right and there you can type in the names of the friends that you want to be close friends with.
  2. You can add through your friends’ profile
    • Click Friends (this can be seen lying at the cover photo.
    • Select Close Friends

How is it important to Facebook users?

It is important to those people who want to keep track of public activities of certain people because close friends let them do that. There is also a News Feed for the activities and posts of your close friends and it will appear if you click the Close Friends icon in the left side part of your homepage. You can also toggle notifications of close friends; you just need to be on the close friends homepage and you can do a lot of things there.

Aside from this, you can also add close friends by selecting from the “recommended” close friends or by typing their names in the search bar.

As you can see, Facebook is now innovating a lot in order to satisfy its users and its supporters. Let us all acknowledge and learn what Facebook can offer us because really, what they are doing is for the betterment and benefit of users. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, guides, and tutorials like this.

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