Go cashlesss in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan with GCash and Alipay+


GCash is undeniably one of the most convenient apps in the Philippines. Yet, GCash is now accepted in a limited number of Singaporean stores as well as those in Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. The collaboration between Gcash and Alipay+ allowed users to use the e-wallet in merchants that recognize Alipay+.

Since it uses real-time foreign exchange rates and has no fees like credit cards, Gcash’s cross-border payment feature helps Filipinos abroad and travelers to save money, according to GCash Lead for International Joaquin Gatmaitan. It has been available in Japan since last year and in Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea this year.

“We’re seeing now that the world is continuing to open up and we at GCash, we want to expand to these new areas,” Gatmaitan said.

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“We’re continuing to serve the Filipinos wherever they are and as part of our strategic initiative with Alipay+, cross-border scan-to-pay is really about enabling transactions between the Filipino GCash user and the network of Alipay+ merchants present in airports, tourist areas and even shopping malls,” Gatmaitan added.

The GCash Head of Growth for Usage Michelle Gallegos explained that when using the QR-code payment abroad, visitors don’t need to worry (or spend money on transportation) looking for the closest money changer or the ones with the best rate since the app offers the current exchange rate.

Contrary to credit cards, transparency is also highlighted by receipts that show the total in both Singapore dollars and Philippine pesos (depending on which country was used), the current currency rate, and any discounts that were used, making it simple to keep track of spending overseas.

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Enabling the QR cross-border payment for the e-wallet is pertinent to users, according to Gallegos, given the large number of tourists visiting Singapore and the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who work there.

Launching the feature coincides with holiday travel abroad and retaliation, according to her.

“We are steadfast in our goal to grow the organization. Our goal is to provide finance for all and in doing so, it is our mission to make GCash the everyday e-wallet by providing relevant usage and different use cases –such as sending money to the 71 other million GCash users, pay for essentials and even non-essentials — for every Filipino, whoever and wherever you may be, especially those who go on trips outside the country,” she said.

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More F&B and retail shops in Singapore are already using Alipay+ including some stores in Plaza Singapura, Lucky Plaza, Takashimaya, 313@Somerset, The Paragon, Wisma Atria and ION Orchard, among others. More stores are coming soon, GCash said.

Within the most popular tourist spot Universal Studios, Filipinos can use their app to pay for locker rental, select in-attraction F&B shops, select souvenir shops and the Malaysia Food Street, among others.

It takes a little time getting used to it because some shops want you to scan the QR code directly, while others, like the gift shop, will ask you to create the code first.

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According to GCash, the goal is to broaden cross-border payment coverage globally to give Filipinos more control wherever they go.

How to use Gcash with Alipay+?

To see where Gcash is accepted, users simply need to “find the plus” or the Alipay+ signs.

To use it, simply access the GCash app, tap the QR code below, then select the “Pay abroad with Alipay+” from the menu.

Pay Cashless Abroad Using GCash

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