How to Organize Yahoo Mail Inbox


In my previous article, I have already shown to Gmail users how to organize their emails, and this post Yahoo mail user will also learn how to organize Yahoo mail inbox by categorizing the emails and putting it in the same folder.

All the incoming emails will be put directly in the category where they belong using email filtering available in the inbox, I will show you how to apply email filtering in the tutorial below.

Organize Yahoo Mail Inbox

To organize your Yahoo mail inbox, do the following.

Create Folder

  1. Create a folder for the emails you received from similar sender and automatically put the incoming emails from the same sender in the folder you created. In this sample I want all the twitter notifications from my Yahoo mail inbox to put on the same folder. To create a folder, while the email is open, Click “More” then select “Filter email like this” in the drop down.Organize Yahoo Mail
  2. On the Add filter pop up window, you can add the filter that you want, from specific senders, receiver or by the subject of the email. In my case I just want to filter all incoming emails from Twitter notifications and put it into one folder name Twitter. To create a folder, select new folder in  “Then move the message to this folder” drop down.Organize Yahoo Mail 2
  3. Enter the name of the folder, then click “OK”Organize Yahoo Mail 5
  4. You will now see the created folder “Twitter” is selected, click save to apply.Organize Yahoo Mail 4
  5. Your filter has been successfully added to your Yahoo mail inbox.organize yahoo mail 6

Move Emails to Folder

All the emails that you receive before you create the filter, will not automatically included in the folder, to move the emails, search and select the emails that you want to move, then click “Move” on the drop down, select the folder where you want the email to store.Move Yahoo Mail To Folder

All the folders created can be seen on the left side of your screen under the Folders section.

Organize Yahoo Mail 7

Unsubscribe to email newsletter you don’t need

Aside from creating folders and moving your emails to make it organize, you can unsubscribe to some newsletters that you subscribe before and you don’t need now. Unsubscribing from automatic newsletters of some online marketers and online brands will keep your inbox clean.

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