How to Receive Text Message if anyone logs into your Facebook account from New Device or Browsers

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If you’re one of my readers, you will notice that I have been posting articles about Facebook security. I have to make this tutorial for readers to become aware of the security features that Facebook provided to their users.

Most of the Facebook users use a simple password that can easily guess, sometimes they use their birthday, which also visible in their profile and the primary email which also available when you view their profile info.

Remember that identity theft is common nowadays, and most victim’s personal information found by the thieves in their social media accounts like Facebook.

If you missed my previous articles about Facebook security you can always search on my site, or click some of the article titles below.

That was some of the articles on my site that you need to read and implement on your Facebook account to make it more secure.

I will add to the list of my Facebook tips this article entitled how to receive text message if anyone logs into your Facebook account from new device or browsers. It will notify you via text message to your registered mobile number every time your Facebook account logged into an unregistered device or browsers.

Receive Text Message if anyone logs into your Facebook account

To enable this feature in your account, follow the instruction below.

Step 1. Login to your Facebook account and go to Settings > Mobile or use this direct link ( to activate mobile messaging. The mobile number that you will add here will be the one to receive the alert if your Facebook account logged in to unregistered to receive alert if anyone logged into your Facebook account If you find it difficult to setup you can use my previous article “How to add security to Facebook account using Mobile” to guide you in adding your mobile number.

Step 2. After you’ve successfully added your mobile number to your account, go to Facebook security page (, then enable “Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers” under Login Approvals and click Save to receive alert if someone logged in to your facebook account

Step 3. Next, head over to “Login Alerts”, you can find it on the first section of your security settings and enable “Text login alerts” with your mobile number beside, then click save changes.enable login alert in your facebook account

OK, now that you have successfully enable login alerts on your Facebook, everytime you use different device or browser, you will receive a text message from “3404” telling you that your account was logged into new browser or device.

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