Ubooly Review: The Learning Toy that Listens

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Do you remember the application called Simsimi, a popular artificial intelligence conversation program created in 2002? We’ll we are not going to talk about it but Ubooly more or less does the same thing but in more child friendly manner jampacked with games, adventures, jokes, songs and many more! With Ubooly you can turn your phone or tablet into the ultimate play machine.

Instead of making kids stare at a screen and mindlessly tap buttons, Ubooly encourages kids to pretend, explore, run, jump, wiggle and be imaginative in the real world and other normal kid stuff. We call it Creative Play. Creative Play helps kids develop social skills, increase self-control, build confidence and more. Plus, it’s a ton of fun! I mean, who can say no to a pirate adventure or superhero camp?

Ubooly Review

Natural Play

Ubooly’s lovable personality and advanced speech-recognition are designed to make the experience feel more like natural play and less like ‘screen time’. Want to go on an adventure? Just say, ‘Go on an Adventure’ and Ubooly will guide you on a search for the Loch Ness monster, take you on a trip in a hot air balloon or accompany you as you explore a mysterious cave! Ubooly understands dozens of words and phrases, including ‘Play a game,’ ‘Go exploring,’ ‘Tell me a story,’ ‘Tell me a joke,’ Go to sleep,’ and more! Just tell Ubooly what you want to do!

Customizable Playtime

Ubooly is smart and personable. A winning combo! Set up an account so Ubooly can say your child’s name, remember their birthday and share their interests. Does your kiddo like dinosaurs, grilled cheese and ponies? Tap the icons and Ubooly will like them too! Want to teach your kid spelling, counting or Science? Ubooly can do that, too. Ubooly will adapt to your child’s learning level and grow up with them for years!

Endless Fun

Ubooly comes with a novel’s worth of free content. Plus, we regularly create new activities and send them automatically and wirelessly to the app on your smart device. With Ubooly, the fun never stops!

What happened when 50,000 kids adopted Ubooly?

They changed the status quo of play. Kids started playing pretend again… sneaking into closets to explore caves, grabbing crayons to draw ocean ecosystems, and dueling octopods while brushing their teeth. Ubooly has a way of unlocking a child’s imagination and potential. It’s all about hand-crafted content that’s customized for each child.

It was designed for children ages 2-10 (Toddler Time now available!). It encourages natural, real world play, not more screen time. Speech-recognition and a simple menu mean your child controls the playtime. Bump two Uboolies together and they talk to each other! How cool is that?

Bump feature requires Bluetooth.Ubooly is customizable and has educational content that adapts to your child’s age and learning level.

Ubooly is compatible with iPhone 4 and up, iPod touch, iPad mini and Android devices. It is now available in Globe GEN 3 stores, Odyssey Next stores and online at Lazada.com. Play with Ubooly directly on your smart device or insert it into the plush toy and let the magic really begin!

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