The Best Career Options For 2018’s Fresh Grads


With the country straining under the pressure of an already-crowded job market, the added load of about half a million fresh grads every year would ramp up competition for good-paying jobs.

Unless you managed to rack up a few years of extra work experience while pursuing your degree, you will be entering the job market on a level playing field with thousands of your fellow graduates. At this stage, your priority will be to land a job with a salary substantial enough for your needs.

The conventional wisdom of previous years once placed an emphasis on landing jobs in industries like nursing, BPO, hotel/restaurant management, and finance. Due to the unpredictable nature of job market trends, however, yesterday’s hot career may not be as lucrative today.

In March of this year, Jobstreet released its latest report of the ten highest-paying job specializations for fresh graduates, along with their average monthly salaries. These are:

  • IT/Computer – Software, P23,949
  • IT/Computer – Network/Database Admin, P23,080
  • Technical and Helpdesk Support, P22,289
  • IT/Computer Hardware, P21,371
  • Finance – Corporate Merchant Banking, P21,345
  • Law/Legal Services, P21,301
  • Sales – Telesales/Telemarketing, P20,966
  • Healthcare – Nurse/Medical Support Assistant, P20,588
  • Sales – Engineering/Technical/IT, P20,265
  • Engineering Electronics, P19,343

The following April, Jobstreet also released separate reports on the highest-paying jobs in Cebu and Mindanao respectively. The top 5 jobs for fresh graduates in Cebu include:

  • IT/Computer – Software, P25,483
  • IT/Computer – Network/Database Admin, P21,857
  • Technical and Helpdesk Support, P16,350
  • Manufacturing/Production Operations, P16,290
  • Marketing/Business Development, P15,871

Meanwhile, the top 5 jobs for fresh graduates in Mindanao include:

  • IT/Computer – Hardware, P22,429
  • Hotel Management/Tourism Services, P18,600
  • Healthcare – Pharmacy, P18,364
  • Marketing/Business Development, P16,635
  • Customer Service, P16,528

An obvious trend worth noting here is the high incidence of jobs in IT (information technology), with average monthly salaries hovering over the P20,000 mark. This list is no guarantee, however, that you will get a high salary on your first try.

Until you can gain enough experience to command a higher paycheck later, you need to plan your next financial decisions accordingly. Look up the costs of mortgages and apartment rentals before moving out of your parents’ home, and get a car insurance quote before you upgrade your car to a better model.

To improve your odds of getting a job fresh out of school, you should tailor your resume for the benefit of prospective employers and recruiters. For example, employers tend to place less importance on grades than they do on actual work experience – whether it’s from an internship, part-time job, or even your past extracurricular and volunteer work.

No matter what major you took up during your college years, you must remember that the local job market is constantly shifting in terms of supply and demand. The ability to adjust to any situation is a valued trait in almost any field, so you should learn to prepare for whatever hiccups may occur during your job search.

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