How to Grow your Business with Mobile Technology

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People say that we live in the modern era, but let’s rename it as electronic era or e-era, as electronic gadgets have taken a front seat in our lives. No one can deny the fact that we reach to our mobile phones before our toothbrush. It is proven by a survey which says that there are 0.6 billion people who own a mobile phone, but not a toothbrush and 58% men and 47% women who suffer from nomophobia which is fear of having no mobile phone.

People are addicted and obsessed with their smartphones, as it is one of the most ingenious invention which has made the world a small place to live in. From ordering a meal to  planning a travel, everything is just a click away. This is very advantageous for business owners to flourish their business by delivering targeted messages, promotions and deals directly to their customers phone. Here are various strategies that can foster your business to mobile marketing.

Make your website compatible to mobile devices

From immovable PCs to laptops to tablets to smartphones, there has been a drastic evolution in devices. Each of them has its own utility and popularity among the users which cannot be overlooked. According to a study, people are now drifting towards mobile devices (eReaders, tablets and smart phones) due to their portability and according to a study there is a 67 % increase on an average in the users in just a year. In a detailed study by Nielsen in his blog latest-mobile-stats clearly states the growing popularity of mobile devices.


Nowadays the prime requisite for a website to be successful is that it should be responsive to mobile devices. So nowadays the prime requisite for a website to be a success is that it should be responsive to the mobile screens of all dimensions. A Customer who gets a poor mobile experience does get irked and tend to lose the interest in the website and we lose potential customers. The intrinsic quality of responsive design is to resize itself and fit any screen and resolution and meet to the expectation of the designer.

A mobile website must contain things listed below;

  • Contact details
  • List of services offered
  • An ‘about us’ page
  • Graphic should be interactive and user friendly


Mobile Marketing

In this e-era people have one friend and need and that are their phone. Mobile phone accompany us everywhere and business owners can make use of it to the fullest in order to expand their business. Mobile marketing is a very helpful  tool and can take your business to greater  heights. Customer can be given the facility to opt in to receive SMS messages updating them about the deals, promotion  and various offer packages.

Texting is the most instant way to give updates to your customers without unnecessarily bothering them. Texting also has an edge over other marketing strategies as it is available on all mobile devices wherein other forms of mobile marketing can only reach smart phone users and they also depend on the operating system used by the customer.

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