How to come up with Great Topics to Write About


As a freelancer, it is an obligation to be equipped with topics to write about for as long as you have your career. If you have been part of the industry, you might have had clients who demand even the biggest of the workload from you which in that case is thinking of the content itself. You may have the niche or the nature but you still are stuck in the process of deciding what to write about in that specific niche. In this article, we will be guiding you on how you can come up with great topics to write about.

Keep a small notebook with you always

There are times that random ideas just strike us out of nowhere and that we are most likely unable to jot that down because we have no means to do so. In order to escape this, always remember to keep a small notepad for note-taking with you always. Even when you are asleep, keep this thing beside you so that you’ll be able to recall the ideas you thought about.

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Tweak previous works you did

A lot of people do not believe this but, for every article you produce, you can have content that could make up at least 4-5 articles more. How is that so? Well, if you will look at articles closely, you will be able to identify that a lot of things are happening inside every work you publish. Say you wrote about how to start a business, you can then come up with another article that talks about different businesses or you can write about pros and cons of the businesses you have written about.

It’s actually that simple, you just have to dig deep down and to pay close attention to whatever it is you are doing.

Answer these questions:

What does everyone disagree with you about?

This question came from the co-founder of Paypal, Peter Thiel which he uses to get entrepreneurs thinking out of the box and to think of world-changing business and investment ideas and guess what – it works almost every time.

The question is literally designed to make you think deeper and more complex in a way that it would benefit both the thinker and the process. Mainly, it is a question to mine your brain for uncomfortable ideas that challenges yourself and the norm; answering it results to a new idea that can flourish and an idea that can change the world to a better and more advanced place.

What do you believe people consider impossible that you think will happen in the future?

Given that you are an educator in the field that you are writing about, you are expected to have in depth knowledge about it that your readers are not fully aware of. Be the Nostradamus of what you write about and tell them the things you know that can happen in the near future by going through specific points and detail.

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The question is made to make you think in a larger scale; more so, the question is directed toward the development and advancement of the nature you are a master of. By answering the question, you enable yourself to be educated at the same time that you educate your readers by thinking of the possibilities, the side-effects, and the consequences if one thing is pursued and developed.

These are in fact the simplest but the most effective ways on how to come up with content in your career as a freelance writer. Follow these steps, answer these questions and never miss a topic in your sleeve again.

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