5 Photography tricks that will blow your mind


Photography is considered to be one of the most flexible and generous professions if of course you know where to go. It is also one of some people’s habits that can make good money and can open a lot of doors for opportunities as well. Beginners practice through often experience and this by far is the most effective way of getting good at photography. However, just like anything there are ways in order for you to be better at what you are doing by simply working smarter not harder. In this article, we will be sharing 5 of the most effective photography tricks you can add to your skill set.

The Golden Hour

In photography, the golden hour is considered to be the first and last hour of sunlight of the day and it is the time where you get your desired cool and fresh photographs. Almost perfect-looking lighting in the background, the way that the graceful ray of light hits your subject, and the intense feeling of capturing a well-lit photo are the things you cannot miss during the golden hour. What you have to do, is to wait for the Golden Hour manually or you can use the Golden Hour App which shows you the direction of the sun in the sky for the date and the location selected.

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Using your Aperture Priority Mode to create professional blurred-background photos

Beginners wouldn’t be able to tell how important aperture is but to cut things short; aperture is the tool which can make or break situations. Using the “A” or Aperture priority on your DSLR camera gives you full control in depth of the field.; having a lower value of “A” means having the aperture wider while having its value higher means having the aperture narrower. Yes, having a wider aperture decreases the depth of the field in your shot making your subject clearer and in focus while the background blurred.

Photography tricks
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Mix artificial and natural lighting for stunning photos

This has to be done correctly to produce a mesmerizing photo because if not, it will just ruin the whole point of you shooting. You have to time photo-taking with nature’s time so that you will be able to get your desired natural light to complement your own artificial lighting, producing a mesmerizing image. Start taking photos while the sky is still slightly lit; every after 10 minutes, start shooting again. You will notice changes on your photos depending on how the light sets on your subject – experiment and practice to produce one-of-a-kind photos.

Perfecting the Jump Shot

Ever see one of those jump shots where people have their photos taking while they are on the air? Those are jump shots and jump shots are difficult to achieve. Factors would be timing, shutter speed, and how well you take photos (obviously). But there is actually a pretty good trick in order to achieve that easier and faster. Set your shutter speed faster and take the shot using the burst mode so that it will freeze the movement. It is also recommended that the subject/s create shapes with their bodies to have a more “floating” effect. Another is that the photographer keeps his position lower so that the jumpers appear higher.

Practice Manual focus as early as Now

Autofocus is a good help yes but it would not help you improve especially in taking macro photos. Having your autofocus on is a great way to take pictures while you’re having fun; not really minding photo-taking or taking it seriously. Aside from that, learning how to focus manually can help you distinguish better angles, lighting, and views because the focusing happens inside your brain not with the technology.

Photography is a great habit and it is a good practice as well. Of course, you will have to start from scratch if you want to be beside the top contenders in the field but this I believe in – there is no such thing as bad photography, just bad lighting and angles. Love photography? Read on and wait for more photography articles.

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