6 Cool and Useful Accessories for your Smartphones

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In our time, our smartphones are literally one of the most important items in our lists. It is as important as money because our smartphones contain contacts for our family and friends, it contains information may it be for school, work, and business, and it is our threshold for self-entertainment. Given these situations, it is safe to say that we too should take care of our smartphones; we should dress it up, make it look good for our own benefit.

There are accessories out there being innovated almost every month that can complement our smartphones. Here are six relevant smartphone accessories you should think of having.

Battery Pack

In its truest form, the battery is one of the most frustrating features of all our smartphones. Thanks to its short-life, we all come to a point when we needed to do something but the battery got out of hand. Finally, someone innovated to have a battery pack for smartphones; just like any other device like for example, a DSLR camera, battery packs extend the lives of our dearest smartphones.

You can find battery packs in stores that offer accessories for smartphones. There are a lot of variations in this one so you alone decide what’s best for you.

iRing or Mobile Sten

Our environment nowadays is not as tranquil as it was before. Crime rates have increased, the number of people-not-to-trust inclines, and a lot more. Having this iRing (Apple) or Mobile sten, somehow helps us to keep our cellphones ours. It is simply a ring that is to put at the back of the smartphone, and you put that ring on. It is supported by 3M tape so it really does stick.

There are a lot of variations in this one as well. You can have simple one-finger rings, sharp edges, etc. This one really is a must especially to those commuters. You can find a lot of these at mobile shops.


Yup, you’ve guessed it. It’s a tile. This one is great for almost everyone because it bears such an extensive use. Tile is an accessory to help you keep track of an item e.g your car keys, house keys, important bag, suitcase, etc. It is also water resistant and its battery lasts for a year.

Tile will be released soon here in our country so we better be prepared. Hooray for not losing anything again.

Wireless Charging Case/Cover

Ever dreamed of having a portable charger that would not have a big difference of burden inside your purse or bag? The wait is over; there are now wireless charging covers for our smartphones. Actually, this one was first introduced a year or two back but not here in our country. Worry no more because it is now available in many mobile stores nationwide. There are covers which are also shock-proof, and are pretty thick so you don’t have to worry about damaging your phone when you drop it.

Have one now to gain the luxurious peace of charging and protecting your phone all at the same time.

Wireless Headphones

You guessed it; yes even headphones now can have good quality and can contain no-wirings anymore. Wireless headphones are not a new thing but they are most neglected by smartphone users because they think it is expensive and it is a hassle to use. A big NO to that; you can find wireless headphones that are cheap and those that do offer good quality. These are perfect for gym, for walking, even at work because yes, they have no wires.

Wireless headphones are spread throughout the country but be careful because some people manipulate and sell not-so-original ones. You can know how to detect an original one to a not-so-original one in another article in this blog. Have one and enjoy the comfort of listening to music and answering calls without thinking about strangling.

Although a lot of innovations come in every month, these are so far the best in my opinion. They literally make our smartphones smarter because of their use, their value, and their price. Stay tuned to be updated of the latest, the best, and the greatest innovations in our technical world.

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