What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a very popular concept on the Internet. Basically, it is a way in which you promote someone else’s product on your webpage or blog and earn money for driving people to the advertiser’s website. These people that you send are known as traffic. The payment is usually through a PPC method (not unlike Google AdSense). You are paid per click that you generate on the advertiser’s website link. However, there are other payment models as well, such as PPS (where you are paid per sale) and PPL (where you are paid per lead).

Now, here is a method that can help you earn money even as you sleep. Once you set up the ad and put your promotional campaigns in place, people will automatically keep getting directed to the advertiser’s website, which means you automatically start getting money. This kind of money, which comes in without doing anything constantly, is known as residual income or passive income.

Your basic efforts here are at publicizing your own website or blog so that the affiliate links on them become visible and more people click on them. Your income is directly proportionate to the number of people that you manage to send. You could popularize your website through several other instant cash strategies mentioned here, such as article writing and submission, blogging, etc.

One of the main reasons why affiliate marketing is popular today is because the payment is really long-term. The money just keeps coming if you have done things rightly. Unlike other methods, the payment here comes in, regardless of the amount of effort you put in. A few months of careful planning and implementing can bring in thousands of dollars a month into your coffers. However, this is an instant cash method as well, because the money will start coming almost instantly, usually within the first week itself.

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