How to Turn Off Video Autoplay on Facebook

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Have you noticed recently that when you scroll your Facebook wall, everytime a post video is focus it automatically play. I don’t know exactly what is the reason why Facebook added this feature aside from taking my bandwidth.

By default it sets to play automatically with the sound is mute, you can disable it if you don’t want. If you are using your mobile data, I suggest to turn it off or set it to WiFi only to prevent from consuming your data plan.

To turn off video autoplay on Facebook, I created this tutorial to make it easy for a beginner to follow. Whether you are using your desktop browser or your android and iOS device I got it covered. Just scroll down and choose what device you are using.

Turn Off video AutoPlay on Facebook using your browser

At the first time that you see the video playing there is a notification on instructing you where you can control or change the autoplay settings. But if you ignore it, you will not see it in the next video.

To access Facebook video settings, go to Settings > Video or use this link, under Auto-play videos section select “Off”

How to Turn Off AutoPlay video on Facebook

Turn Off video AutoPlay on Facebook using Android Device

If you are using Android devices, you can turn off the video autoplay in Facebook under App Settings. It’s better to turn it off  or put it on “Wi-fi only” to prevent your data plan from using unknowingly.

To change the settings, Open Facebook app, then go to your profile, scroll down and look for App Settings, on the next window, tap on “Videos play automatically” and on the popup select the settings that you want.

Turn Off autoplay video on Facebook using Android devices

Turn Off video AutoPlay on Facebook using iOS Device

Disabling Facebook’s autoplay feature in iOS Before, for iOS, it’s a bit tricky. Although iPhone users might have a bit of an idea of how and why it’s configured like this.

On an iPhone, go to Settings. No, not the settings on Facebook but the phone settings. Once you are inside the Settings panel, scroll down until you see Facebook.

Select Facebook and under it, you would see another Settings option – tap on it.

Inside it, you would see settings like Vibrate, Play Sound, Upload HD, etc. Tap on the Auto-play feature and turn it off. However, iOS improved their game and just embedded this setting in the app itself.

You can go to the Facebook App, tap on the settings on the right-hand side. From there, go to the account settings. Clicking that will prompt Videos and Photos. Click on that and disable the autoplaying of videos.

Now that you have already turned off the autoplay settings on Facebook video, you have now the control whether you want to watch the video or not.

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