How to Install or download Candy Crush on iPad, iPad Mini, Android Devices and your Facebook account

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In my recent post how to uninstall or remove Candy Crush on iOS and Android device as well as on how to delete Candy Crush app to your Facebook account, I’ll show the step by step how to remove the app.

In this post I will show to you how to install or add into your device. Adding Candy Crush App has been very easy just like you are adding other app on your device. Follow the steps below.

 For IOS device

  1. Got to App Store
  2. Search for candy crush and install it

For Android device

  1. Go to play store, see picture belowHow to download Candy Crush Step 1
  2. Search for Candy Crush App and install itHow to download Candy Crush Step 2

For PC and laptop using Facebook

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Search Candy Crush and add it to your Facebook app

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