How To Cancel A PayPal Recurring Payment


It’s really frustrating to see that your PayPal balance was deducted due to some membership fees and other programmed payments. Your hard-earned penny will be lost everytime auto payment occurred.

On the off chance that you’ve set up a membership, or programmed payment option, through PayPal, you can cancel out the installment on the PayPal site. This just drops the installment, however. You should contact the membership merchant either online or by phone to drop the genuine membership.

Good thing PayPal allow its users to customize this option whenever they want to. The steps are pretty easy too. There are two different ways on how to cancel a PayPal subscription:

Technique 1 of 2: Cancel Your Subscription through PayPal

  1. Login to your PayPal account. If you have problem logging in you can reset your PayPal account by clicking the link “Forgot your email address or password?” just below the login button. You will receive an email for your request and you just need to follow simple steps required to recover your password.How To Cancel PayPal Recurring Payments step1
  2. Under “My Account” tab, click on “Profile”How to Cancel PayPal recurring Payments step 2
  3. Under the My Profile page, select “My Money” then update “My Preapproved Payments”.How to cancel PayPal recurring payments step 3
  4. Find the membership installment or the recurring payment subscription that you want to cancel, click to open.How to cancel PayPal recurring Payments step 4
  5. Billing details page will open, to stop the PayPal recurring payment, click “Cancel” on the status section.How to cancel PayPal recurring Payments step 5

Technique 2 of 2: Visit the Vendor’s Website to Cancel Your Subscription

  • Go to the membership seller’s site, login using your membership account and when you login, you may have the access to drop your membership.
  • Visit the seller’s help or their customer service and ask for cancellation of your subscription.
  • Look for the seller’s phone number, the seller’s phone numbers are either situated on the base of the site page or through a Support page. You might also have a way to cancel out your membership through email.

You can use the first technique to cancel your PayPal recurring payment, but make sure to inform the company or the websites where you subscribe to make it clear and don’t billed for the next billing period

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