How to Withdraw PayPal Funds in the Philippines


If you’re planning to be an online worker or an online shopper, you need to get a PayPal account. You can easily make a secure transactions online if you use PayPal.

Unlike revealing your debit/credit card number to the online stores when you buy items, using PayPal, you only need to enter the email address and password. You can also receive money using PayPal, this is very convenient, especially for online workers because most online employers prefer to use PayPal to pay their employees.

But, if you’re an online worker or freelancer residing in the Philippines transferring or withdrawing funds from PayPal is not much easier unless you have a UnionBank EON debit card.

Other major banks in the country are not accepting funds from PayPal, UnionBank is the first bank to accept withdrawal from PayPal.

If you don’t have UnionBank EON card better to get one before applying for online jobs. It is easy to get and the requirements are simple. See the instructions how to get UnionBank EON Card.

Withdraw PayPal Funds in the Philippines

To withdraw PayPal funds in the Philippines, you need to have a verified PayPal account and local bank account number or credit card attached. In this tutorial I will use my UnionBank EON debit card to withdraw funds from PayPal.

Now, assuming that you already attached the EON card, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Login to your PayPal account, on My Account menu, click “Withdraw”How to withdraw PayPal funds in the Philippines step 1
  2. On the withdraw funds page, select “Withdraw funds to your card” please take note that there’s a Php 250 fees if you withdraw using credit/debit card and it takes up to 7 business days before the funds can be withdrawn in the ATM to withdraw paypal funds in the Philippines step 2
  3. Enter the amount that you want to be withdrawn and click continue.How to withdraw paypal funds in the philippines step 3

That’s it, wait for the funds to credit on your card and enjoy your hard earned money.

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