10 Interesting Facts about Mobile Phones you Probably Didn’t Know

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If I am to sum up our generation in words, I would choose the words Technology, Smartphones, and the Internet. Sad to say but these three are taking over the world and we sure do hope that it will continue to have a positive impact towards our livelihood. As far as I can remember, where we are now is not even close enough from where we were 10 years ago. In this article, you will be shown 10 of the most interesting facts about mobile phones that we’re sure you aren’t aware of.

  1. Statistics say that more than 60% of the total population of our planet changes their mind according to the brand of smartphones. If the brand offers more, people shift to that brand.
  2. Do you ever wonder when the first actual mobile phone call was made? It was on 3rd of April, 1973 and was placed to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs by Martin Cooper and the phone that was used was the first ever developed Motorola Dyna TAC.
  3. The first smartphone ever made was from IBM and it is titled as the ANGLER. It is 20 years old and was launched on the 16th of April, 1994. After studies, it was given the name, Simon Personal Communicator before its final release in 1994. It was the first ever touch-screen phone that can be utilized by touch or a stylus pen and had pre-installed functions like the calendar, calculator, address book, and a Note pad.
  4. Apple sold a little over 37 million iPhones in the year 2012 Known that already? Well it was estimated that it only took them 14 weeks to accomplish this amount of sales which means 262 iPhones in a minute or 4 iPhones in a second.
  5. 5% of all the population owns a tablet, 2% of the people have a tablet that is connected to a cellular network, 33% of all ages have a smartphone, and the average person has at least 12 apps in his device.
  6. Let’s take a step forward into the future because they say that by the year 2020, there will be at least 10 billion devices connected to the internet. There will also be a 45% increased productivity due to mobile apps.
  7. Although in 2012, Apple had its big time sales, Android is actually owned by 80% of users in the Entire World. This fact is according to comScore wherein Android dominates the iOS market by 82%.
  8. If you think that your mobile bill is high, have you ever thought about the highest mobile bill in history? It was $201, 000 which is something like 9.2 million in pesos and was charged to Celina Aarons. Why? Well Celina had two brothers who were deaf and mute. Nothing wrong about that because they can use messaging, right? But in their small trip to Canada, one brother sent over 2, 000 messages, downloaded videos at the cost of $2, 000 each.
  9. Mobile search has grown in a staggering 500% just in the past two years. It is clear that it can overtake the use of Desktops and PCs.
  10. Just last year, desktop sales dropped to only 18% because of the dominance and the boom of the smartphone era.

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So you think you know a lot about your mobile phones? Think again. There are far more things to consider and it is clear that technology is overtaking every inch of our lives. We certainly hope that this edge can take us to a better and more meaningful life.

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