How to Avail Free Internet on Smart, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular


Recently, Manuel V. Pangilinan Chairman of Smart Communication announced that Smart prepaid subscribers and their subsidiaries Talk N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers will benefit from free mobile internet as part of “initial offering” to the public.

The initial offering started September 26, 2014 until November 30, 2014, after this period the company will assess whether or not to continue the service for free.

How to Avail Free Internet on Smart, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular

Under the plan all the prepaid subscribers of three network companies will be allotted 30mb of free data access per day.

Who can avail to this promo

The three networks stated that, only active prepaid subscribers can avail the promo. Active Subscribers according to them has an available airtime balance of at least one peso or is subscribed to any load bucket/promo.

How to avail Smart Internet Promo
List of Talk N Text Promo
List of Sun Cellular Promo
List of Globe Promo
List of TM Promo

With free internet offer the subscribers using their mobile devices can access their favorite Internet sites or apps for free, including:

  • Browse through or post photos and status updates on their social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Read news and entertainment sites (Rappler, CNN, and the like)
  • Stream music through the likes of Spinnr
  • Shop online (Zalora, Lazada, eBay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Search for information (Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, etc.)
  • Send and receive emails (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail)
  • Visit their favorite blogs and update their own
  • Use navigation apps like Waze

But free internet promo is limited to access some apps and websites. The websites and apps excluded from the free internet promo are;

  • Download, stream and watch videos (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Use VOIP apps (FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, Skype, Viber, Tango)
  • Use messaging apps (Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Viber)
  • Peer-to-peer file-sharing sites and apps like Bittorrent

Ok, you already know what you can and can’t do with 3omb free internet daily, now How to Avail Free Internet on Smart, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular?

To register, just text FREE to 9999  for all  networks  (Smart, Talk N Text and Sun). If you want to avail this promo everyday, you must also register everyday.

Now that you avail avail to this promo, what you can do with 30mb of data, you can enjoy ALL of the following services:

  • 20 social media posts with photo
  • 50 web pages loads
  • 20 plain emails
  • 15 minutes of music streaming

The promo is delivered to all network platforms (2G, 3G and 4G) with a minimum speed of 12kbps. But the promo is only available to prepaid subscribers in the Philippines, roaming subscribers are not included.

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