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Sometimes we visit a page that has a clean typography style, spacing, line-height, color, weight, is almost perfect in our eyes. And we wanted to know what exactly the font and formatting used so that we can also implement on our next project.

For site owner or blogger like me, making the content on the site clean and easy to read is one of our primary concerns. Before I know this tool, I find it difficult to know the exact font used in the page that I like.

And now, I will share with you this useful tool that you can add to your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. All you have to do is follow every step below.

Know what Font Used on a Web page using Google Chrome browser

To know the font used in web page using Google Chrome, you need an extension called WhatFont.

  1. Add WhatFont extension to your Chrome browser. Go to this link and click “Add to Chrome” button.what font chrome step 1
  2. A Small window will popup, click “Add” to confirm.what font chrome step 2
  3. You can now see the WhatFont icon in the right corner of your browser.what font chrome step 3
  4. Ok, to use WhatFont, simply click on the icon, and click the text on the web page that you want to know the style, it will reveal all the formattings.what font chrome step 4

Know what Font Used on a Web page using Mozilla Firefox browser

To know the exact font style used in a web page using Mozilla Firefox browser, you need  Font Finder Add-Ons.

  1. Add Font Finder to your Firefox browser, Visit this link and click “Add to Firefox” button.what font firefox step 1
  2. On the popup window, click “Install Now”what font firefox step 2
  3. Restart your browser to take effect.what font firefox step 3
  4. To use the Font Finder, simply highlight the word or sentence that you want to know the styling and perform right-click > FontFinder > Analyze selection.what font firefox step 4
  5. It will reveal all the styling on the popup window.what font firefox step 5

If the font style that you want to copy is in the image format you can refer to my previous post how to identify a font from the image.

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