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TM or Touch Mobile is also known as “Republika ng TM” is a cellular service by the second largest telecom company in the Philippines the Globe Telecom. TM was launched on September 12, 2001 to cater prepaid mobile service to middle market.

The service has gained popularity due to the very low offer in call and text which enable TM subscribers to communicate with other networks like Smart, Talk N Text, Sun and Globe for a very affordable rates.

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Today I will list down the TM Promo currently offering to their prepaid subscribers. Check out and select which promo you would like to avail. Please note that this list of RM promo will change anytime, so it’s better to visit their site for updated promo list.

TM Call Promo

TM Promo

Todo Tawag 15/15 – The most used TM call promo, for only 15 Pesos you can call your TM or Globe friends for up to 15 minutes continues call.

How to Register: No registration needed, just replace the starting zero of TM or Globe numbers that you want to call with 800. Example: The number is 09261234567 you will dial 8009261234567.

SulitTawag – For just 5 Pesos you can call up to 3 minutes TM and Globe subscribers.

How to Register: No registration required, just dial 806 + 10 digit Globe or TM number that you want to call. Example: The number is 09261234567 you will dial 8069261234567.

DagdagCall – For only 5 Pesos you have additional 3 minutes call to TM/Globe subscribers, but you can only avail this promo if you’re already register to SULITXT5, ASTIGTXT10 and ASTIGTXTALL.

How to Register: Just text DAGDAGCALL to 8888, remember that you can only register with this promo if you’re currently registered to 3 text promo mentioned above.

UnliCall15 – For only 15 Pesos you can avail 1 day unlimited call to TM and  Globe subscribers.

How to Register: To register, just text U15 to 8888

TM Text Promo


SULITXT5 – 5 pesos for 25 texts to TM/Globe subscribers, valid for 24 hours.

How to Register: Text SULITXT 5 to 8888, if you want, you can also avail Facebook for only 2 pesos in one day, after you register to Sulitxt10 text FB2 to 8888, wait for the confirmation to arrive then you can start using the promo.

AstigTxt10 – One day Unlimited text to TM/Globe subscribers for only 10 pesos

How to Register: Text ASTIGTXT10 to 8888, you can also extend this promo for another one day for just 5 pesos only, just text EXTEND to 8888. Make sure that you have enough balance before extending.

AstigTxt15 – 2 days unlimited text for TM/Globe subscribers, extendable for another one day for only 5 pesos.

How to Register: Text ASTIGTXT15 to 8888, to extend text EXTEND to 8888

AstigTxtAll – 150 text to all network for only 15 pesos, valid for one day

How to Register: Text ASTIGTXTALL  to 8888

AstigTxt20 – 3 days unlimited text to TM/Globe subscribers for only 20 pesos

How to Register: Text ASTIGTXT20  to 8888

AstigTxt30 – 5days unlimited text to TM/Globe subscribers for only 30 pesos

How to Register: Text ASTIGTXT30  to 8888

UnliAllNet10 – One day unlimited text to All Networks for only 10 pesos

How to Register: Text UA1 to 8888

DagdagTxt – Additional 100 text to all networks in your UnliCall promo for only 5 pesos

How to Register: Text DAGDAGTXT  to 8888

TM Combo PromoTM Combo Promo

AstigCombo 10 –  One day 50 text to all networks plus 10 minutes of call to TM/Globe friends for only 10 pesos

How to Register: Text either of this three ASTIGCOMBO10, COMBO10 or AC10 to  8888

UnliCombo – Unlimited call from 10pm to 5pm and 24 hour texting to TM/Globe subscribers for just 20 pesos

How to Register: Text UNLICOMBO to 2824

UnliCombo 15 – Unlimited call from 11pm to 6am and 24 hours texting to TM/Globe for only 15 pesos, valid for one day.

How to Register: Text UNLICOMBO15 or UC15 to 8888

AstigCombo 15 –  Unlimited text with 30 minutes of call to TM/Globe subscribers, valid for one day only.

How to Register: Text ASTIGCOMBO15 or AC15 to 8888

COMBO 15 – Unlimited text plus 10 minutes of call that can be divided to TM/Globe with 50 texts to all Networks, valid for 2 days.

How to Register: Text COMBO15 or C15 to 8888

COMBO 10 – Unlimited text with 10 minutes call that can be divided to TM/Globe subscribers plus 50 text to all networks

How to Register: Text ASTIGCOMBO15 or AC15 to 8888

TM Internet Promo

FB2 – For only 2 pesos you can enjoy unlimited Facebook for one day make sure that you are register to any promo listed below before availing this promo. ASTIGTXT10,  ASTIGTXT15,  ASTIGTXT20,  ASTIGTXT30,  ASTIGCOMBO10,  ASTIGCOMBO15,  SULITTXT5

How to Register: Text FB2 to 8888

SUPERSURF – Avail unlimited mobile internet for one day for only 50 pesos or 5 days for 200 pesos

How to Register: Text SUPERSURF50 or SUPERSURF200  to  8888

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