How to Extract ISO Image File without Burning to Disc

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Most of the downloadable installer is in a form of an ISO image file format where you can easily burn onto CD/DVD and easily install. But nowadays, computer manufacturers are gradually removing the CD/DVD ROM drive on their latest computers.

It is now replaced by universal ports where you can easily plug any device when you needed one and remove it after. But how about if you don’t have an external CD ROM drive that you can use to open or burn an optical disc?

Since ISO image file is an archive file of an optical disc including the file system, it is basically a disc not on a disc, but you cannot read what is inside without burning onto disc or use a virtual drive to open.

In this tutorial you will learn how to extract ISO image file without burning to disc using a virtual drive/disc. You can easily mount ISO image files into virtual drive that we will use to access the content of the image file.

Using freeware programs that you can download, I will show to you how to extract the ISO image file and use what is inside like you’re looking inside a disc. Follow the simple instruction below.

Extract ISO Image File without Burning to Disc

  1. Go to MagicIso website, select a compatible version for your Windows OS, if you are using Windows 10, you can use either Windows 7 or 8 version.Extract Image File step 1
  2. It’s only a small installer, so you don’t have to wait long to finish the download. When download finish, install it to your PC by following the on screen instruction just like installing an ordinary program.Extract Image File step 2
  3. After installing, run the MagicDisc, double click the shortcut icon on the desktop, you will not notice that MagicDisc is running, but if you check your taskbar near the notification area, you will see the icon.Extract Image File step 3
  4. To mount the ISO image file, right click the MagicDisc icon in the notification area to reveal the menu. Select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM > H: No Media > Mount …Extract Image File step 5
  5. Find the ISO image files that you want to mount and click Open.Extract ISO Image File step 5
  6. After you click the open button, your ISO image file is ready to see or use what’s inside, open your explorer and check what’s inside the virtual drive. The drive letter may differ, for me the virtual drive is H as you can see on the screenshot. Extract ISo Image File

I can now easily install the windows installer without using optical disc to burn. Hope this simple tutorial helps you, don’t forget to share.

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