How to Transfer Files on Android devices using PC/Mac Wirelessly

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Transferring photos or any files from Android devices to your windows computer or Mac can sometimes tricky, but using the Android app called AirDroid a free and fast app that helps you manage your Android from a desk web browser all over the air, you can make the job easier.

AirDroid can easily manage your files without using any USB cable or wire that will connect to your android devices as long as you are connected to the internet you can do the transfer anytime anywhere. You can download the latest version of AirDroid in Google Play store for free.

I will walk you through the entire steps how to use AirDroid to transfer files to and from your android devices. Follow the steps below.

1. First, in your android device go to Play Store then search for AirDroid by Sand Studio App, then install it if you found the app.

How to transfer files on Android devices Step 1

2. Open the AirDroid app that you installed, be sure that you are connected to the same network with the PC/Mac that you are using to transfer files.

How to transfer files on Android devices Step 2

3. Go to your computer, open up a browser and type in either of these two or, in this example I will use the second address ( because it’s easier than the other one, but if you want to use go ahead, be sure to register first or if your phone can scan the QR code it also easy for you. But as I’ve said I will use the second address in this example. Type in  and you will see like the screenshot below.

How to transfer files on Android devices Step 3

4. Go to your device, then tap on the “Accept” button, and your done!, you can now browse all the content of your device in the browser using AirDroid. See the screenshot.

How to transfer files on Android devices Step 4

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