Facebook Worms

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Facebook’s always been the first target of spammers because of its popularity and frequency of users that go online to browse, to read, to share, to comment and to interact. So anything that catches one’s attention may be multiplied into ten to a thousand or even a million. Catchy shout outs, colourful images, actually the personalized captions catch the people’s attention more than the ones that were written professionally.

So fake spam posts are not very common, they appear randomly. Facebook has always been very good at getting rid of these types of contents, I call these Facebook worms.  Similar to the idea of opening an email from a friend, and thought it was legit so you downloaded the content, and there you go, you have been sending out the same type of email to the rest of your  contacts behind your knowledge.

Facebook worms can be easily identified. Although these could come up in different forms, with a common denominator: the strange, unpopular, or misleading external link.

Strange links can be shortened web addresses, or unreadable web addresses. Unpopular links are the web addresses that you’ve never heard before and the misleading external links are the web addresses that may read link google, YouTube or daily motion: gougler.com  yuotubs.com, diarymotion.com (these are just examples, I’ve googled these to ensure that I am not offending any existing legit sites)

Facebook worms can be posted as photos, stories,  applications, games, but the most popular are the videos, the Scandalous or Pornographic videos. Some users get so overwhelmed, to even check the link before going ahead even though Facebook has put a prompt  to come up automatically prior to the redirection still, the users neglect the fact that they may be putting their Facebook account, their browsers, or their computers at risk.

Here is a screenshot of the most recent Facebook worm that everyone clicked, as a result, everyone from their friends list were tagged. It just won’t do anything apart from overriding some information on your account, and unsolicited tagging of your friends, and the theme, there is actually no theme.NEEDING A DOMAIN?  TRY this:

  • hackerwatchdog.com

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