Updated PhilHealth Contribution Table for 2020


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Most employees are aware of PhilHealth – what it is for, what it does, and why it’s important. Although some people still don’t know the essence of PhilHealth, it can ultimately help us when we need it the most. The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation released the updated PhilHealth contribution table. This would include locally employed members, self-employed members, OFWs, and members who voluntarily contribute. In this post, we will be discussing how much contributions you need to keep your membership active.

First and foremost, members should be aware of how much they need to contribute to PhilHealth. Why? Because this can ensure that your PhilHealth account stays active.

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The 2020 Updated PhilHealth Contribution Table

Take note that the membership category will be applied to those who have formal contracts and fixed terms of employment. If you are a member of PhilHealth, regardless if you work for the government or not, you will share the same premium.

The Salary BracketRangeSalary BaseTotal Monthly PremiumEmployee Share*Employer Share
Of course, the employee share represents half of the total monthly premium while the other half is shouldered by the employer. That’s why you see only half of the price of the total contributed by the employee. This contribution gets deducted from the payroll.

**For Kasambahay helper receiving a wage of fewer than Five Thousand Pesos (P5k) per month,
the employer will shoulder both the employee and employer share based on the premium schedule.

8,999.99** and below8k200100100
29k – 9,999.999k225112.50112.50
310k – 10,999.9910k250125125
411k – 11,999.9911k275137.50137.50
512k – 12,999.9912k300150150
613k – 13,999.9913k325162.50162.50
714k – 14,999.9914k350175175
815k – 15,999.9915k375187.50187.50
916k – 16,999.9916k400200200
1017k – 17,999.9917k425212.50212.50
1118k – 18,999.9918k450225225
1219k – 19,999.9919k475237.50237.50
1320k – 20,999.9920k500250250
1421k – 21,999.9921k525262.50262.50
22k – 22,999.9922k550275275
1623k – 23,999.9923k575287.50287.50
1724k – 24,999.9924k600300300
1825k – 25,999.9925k625312.50312.50
1926k – 26,999.9926k650325325
2027k – 27,999.9927k675337.50337.50
2128k – 28,999.9928k700350350
2229k – 29,999.9929k725362.50362.50
2330k – 30,999.9930k750375375
2431k – 31,999.9931k775387.50387.50
2532k – 32,999.9932k800400400
2633k – 33,999.9933k825412.50412.50
2734k – 34,999.9934k850425425
2835k and up35k875437.50437.50

PhilHealth Contribution – OFWs

So members under this category would be those who are:

  • Sea-based
  • Land-based (contract from a different country) and;
  • Filipinos with dual citizenship

Although these members fall under this category, their annual premium contribution is not the same. For land-based OFWs, the corporation they work for will decide on their premium contribution. The basic rate for them, however, is Php2, 400.00 per year but can be advanced for two (2) to five (5) years. This would also rely on the contract with your employer overseas.

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For sea-based OFWs (seafarers), the contribution would depend on the salary. This means that the premium they have to pay is similar with the employed membership category.

Where can I pay my PhilHealth premium if I work overseas?

OFWs do not need to go back home to pay their premiums. As a matter of fact, there are PhilHealth accredited agencies outside the Philippines where you can pay your premiums. These would be:

  • iRemit incorporated
  • Bank of Commerce
  • Asia United Bank
  • Development Bank of The Philippines
  • Philippine Veterans Bank
  • Ventaja International Corporation

PhilHealth Contribution – Self-employed and/or individually paying members

So this category of membership is those people who work for themselves (self-employed). People under this category have different options to pay. They can pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Although they can pay in different types, the amount of their premium remains unchanged.

If you’re someone whose monthly income is below Php25, 000.00, your annual premium would be the regular (Php2, 400.00) per year. On the other hand, if your monthly income is above Php25, 00.00, your yearly contribution should be Php3, 600.00.

So now you know about the updated PhilHealth contribution table. If you know someone who might need it, why not share it with them? It can save lives, you know. As a matter of fact, it can be of big help if you’ve contributed for years.

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