How to Add Album Art to your Mp3 Collection


Most of us are fans of music whether it’d be saved on our computers, our tablets, or our mobile phones, music will be there. Nowadays, it is a common thing for people to get their desired music through downloading it from the internet and most files they download their offer a file that contains no album art or the picture of the album from where that track was taken. You would often see this in mobile phones and in computers while they are playing; if the image is just a regular note, a CD, or just plain backgrounds, then most probably it doesn’t contain an album art. In this article, we will be teaching you how you can embed album art into your mp3 files.

First and foremost, you may be wondering why people want album art embedded on their tracks? This is because having album art makes the track look and feel so much better compared to having no image or whatsoever. It is just the mere satisfaction and uniformity so that it can be a proof of a legitimate track.

Some people do it the hard way and this is by having photos or images of the album and manually sticking it to the files individually. That is much of a hassle because you can easily have a program that can do the embedding for you.

The first thing you need to do is to find a reliable source of album arts from where you can get photos. Here are a few of the best sources you can go to in order to find that album art of yours:

  • – this program is a clean and fast program for finding the album art that you need. It gets most of its results from Amazon which you can definitely tell is legitimate. People have been claiming that albumart is the second place to go to if their album art source fails or it doesn’t give results of the albums they search for.
  • AllCDCovers – It doesn’t quite live up to its name due to its lack of breadth. But whatever thing it lacks, it covers it up by the details that this source brings.
  • SlothRadio – Is one of the best sources for indie types of bands or labels. This is the place-to-go-to if you seek indie album covers

Tools for Embedding

Now you would probably be amazed about this – there is a tool that can embed our images to mp3 files without going through much of a hassle? Yes, definitely – yes. MediaMonkey is probably the best place or program to have if you plan on automatically matching album art to the mp3 file/s. MediaMonkey is also a media player but if you do not plan on using it as your main media player, the easy-to-use feature is very much flexible in grabbing and matching album covers to mp3 files.

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Winamp can also be a good tool but it can require more of a manual way of embedding album art to files just like in the Windows Media Player. Mp3Tag is also a good source where you can embed images to your files. There are actually a lot so you don’t have to fret.

Now that you know embedding of album art is a thing, what are you waiting for? It won’t just make your collection look good, it can also make it sophisticated and legitimate (even if we all know that you just downloaded that yesterday…). Find and search more about different embedding programs that can help you directly attach your album art to your music.

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