Sometimes we send a friend request to some people that we already know and wanted to become friends on Facebook, this is to get closer and easily share memories to them, or just want to connect for future conversation.

But for some reasons not all of our request are being accepted, and we just forgot that we have a pending request to anybody. If you want to find out who has ignored your request, you can easily see the list of everyone using the instruction below that I prepare for you.

How to find out Who’s Ignoring your Facebook Friend Request

  1. Login to your Facebook account, and click on the Friends icon, at the bottom of the dropdown list, click “See All”.how to check whos ignoring your friend request on Facebook step 1
  2. In your Facebook friend request page, just below the “Respond to your Friend Request” title you will see the “view Sent Request” link, click on that link to view all your pending to check who ignored your friend request step 2
  3. Now you can easily view all the people who haven’t accepted your to check who ignored your friend request step 3

That’s how easy to check who’s ignoring your request, don’t get mad, maybe they don’t have time, didn’t notice your request or don’t want to be your friends 😀 For more tips like this, please subscribe to our mailing list or like our social media accounts. Don’t forget to share.

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