How to register on Chikka


Updates: After 2 decades the company said that free texting on its website and app will be available only until March 31, 2018. This means that you cannot register now on chikka.

This post will teach you how to register on Chikka, there are three options I know how you can register on Chikka, first using your mobile, second using your email and third your Facebook account.

If you visit their website, only two options you will see on their registration page, it will ask you if want t0 use your Globe, Smart, or Sun mobile phone to register a new account, and the other option if you don’t want to register your number is via email and they will give you a username and password, the good thing if you are using your number to register is, it will appear in your friends or family mobile your name if they received your message.

 To register on Chikka using your mobile follow these steps;

1. Type in JOIN into your mobile

2. Send to 2814 any network free of charge

3. Wait for the confirmation with your username and password include

To register on Chikka using your email address;

3. Go to

4. Check on  “I don’t have a Globe / Smart / Sun number” checkbox

5. Fill in the registration form and click sign up

6. Go to your email and confirm the registration by clicking on the link included in the email, you will automatically redirected to the Chikka homepage where you can log in and use their services

7. If you don’t see your Chikka ID and password, just click on “Retrieve password” below the sign in button, see the picture below.


To register using your Facebook;

1. Search for the chikkalite app in your Facebook search bar

2. Add to your Facebook app by clicking the Chikka app in the result see the picture.

3. Register your number

4. Enter the confirmation code that you receive from the mobile that you register and click confirm

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