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If you have been using Windows since the day you started working with computers, chances are you would know a lot about its default media player which is the very infamous Windows Media Player. There are users who prefer this because they do not need to install new software to play media files, because they like how the whole program is put up, and because there is no need for extra features and add-ons. There are users however, who prefer a better, faster, and a more feature-rich program for their devices. Here are a few of the alternatives that you can use in place of the age-old Windows Media Player.

VLC Media Player

I am sure almost everyone has come across this. VLC Media Player is probably the best free player that can be offered to you. Its icon is the road cone that you see elsewhere and it is one hell of an application that makes a lot of other features available. VLC supports Windows, Linux, and other Linux flavours. It is a simple and easy to use application that beats the rock.

It gives you the ability to customize what you will see on the toolbars, it has the capability to repair broken content and it supports a lot of subtitle and video formats.

GOM Media Player

It was only available on Windows98Se through Vista but now, it can be run on our Windows 7, 8, and 10, the GOM Player is one of the players that you probably would yearn for. Having the ability to run almost the entirety of video files without conversion, this software is truly God-given. One good thing is that the rumors spreading that GOM Player can play broken/error .FLV files, is absolutely true. It is not as customizable as VLC but it is a great player if you are keen only on performance.

Kantaris Media Player

This player is probably one of the most unique and one of the most different types of players that will ever appear in front of you. You will see two (2) tabs at the interface; one is for Playback and the other is Plugin Manager. Yes, you heard it right – Plugin Manager. Having this feature detects the character encoding of subtitles by analyzing its text. One good feature of Kantaris is that it has the ability to play RAR files even before you extract it. This is one great software for those who wants a less-hassle feature-rich software for videos.


Considered to be the king of media players because of its user-friendly, easy-to-use, and vast support utility, the KMPlayer is a treat for everyone. It offers features for both advanced and beginner video player users, supports a vast range of codecs and formats, gracefully customizable, and a lot easier to use than others. It is also available in multiple languages so you do not have to worry if you do not want English to be its medium. It has a simplistic and basic interface and just one right click in the main window, the options will flow to you like ABC’s. It is both a simple and advanced player that can lure users because of what it offers.

There is nothing wrong with patronizing what Microsoft has to offer but it is not wrong as well to try other things that might be tailor-fit for you. You have been enlightened to other media players so try one and maybe, you were not just looking.

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