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Ever been in a situation where you urgently need to send a message or call someone but something in your mobile phone prompts something in the lines of “ERROR: You ran out of credits”? This instance happens to most people who are using prepaid and this is truly a bummer. Touch Mobile (TM) devised a way on how you can get load without loading up or going through Share-A-Load. Worry no more because TM offers various options that you can avail in their UTANG load service. Yes, you can loan load from them and in this article, we are going to discuss every bit of information we can give you.

For starters, no you don’t need to have balance in your account. You just need to have good network reception for you to register and to receive the confirmation message. This feature is very useful most especially when:

  • You need to urgently message someone
  • You need to call someone and you do not have enough credits
  • You need to connect to the internet for urgent matters where finding a loading station won’t be the best option

As long as it is urgent, TM’s UTANG Load Service can be of great assistance to you.

So how can you use TM’s load service?

Again, you don’t need to have a certain amount in your account in order to subscribe to the loan service. It can be done via the USSD Code Menu or via SMS. If you prefer the text method, kindly check the following format and keyword below:

For regular load

Text UTANG (LOAD KEYWORD) and send to 3733

Sample keywords:

  • UTANG LOAD5 – P5 Regular load
  • UTANG LOAD10 – P10 load
  • UTANG LOAD15 – P15 load
  • UTANG LOAD20 – P20 load
  • UTANG LOAD50 – P50 load

For call and text promo

  • UTANG SULITXT5 – 25 texts to Globe/TM valid for 1 day
  • UTANG T10 – Unlimited texts to Globe/TM valid for 1 day
  • UTANG C20 – 20 minutes of calls to Globe/TM with unlimited texts with 50 texts to all network for 3 days
  • UTANG UA10 – Unlimited texts to all networks valid for 1 day

For internet promo

  • UTANG GOSURF50 – 700MB open data access with 400MB Spotify valid for 3 days
  • UTANG YOUTUBE10 – All day access to Youtube up to 100MB
  • UTANG COC5 – 2 days of Clash of Clans (up to 20MB)

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These are the most common and most used subscriptions of Touch Mobile to its users. If you want to know more promos and combinations, go to the *143# and browse for combinations there. Do note that they payment for this loan will be deducted from your account after reloading.

Have an urgent call or message you need to attend to where there are no nearby places to get load? Loan now and pay later!

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