5 Photo editing apps that will step up your Instagram game


Instagram is now the world’s number one photo sharing app; it lets you see different experiences of people, it lets you see lifestyles, different ways of living, etc. Over 400 million active users every month, I am pretty sure that you are a part of that population. In this photo sharing app, they have their internal photo editing (before you post your photo or video, Instagram gives you a little bit of editing preferences to tailor-fit what you need). However, there are apps that can give you a better result, can get you better photos, and can enhance your Instagram game. Here are 5 apps to help you obtain a better-looking, professional-sensing Instagram feed.


Probably most of us look at it as an all-time favorite, this app is free of download and has tons of good things to offer. The app is a photo-sharing app itself but is mostly used to edit pictures that are to be posted in Instagram. The app has a lot of presets, both free and paid, and it lets you edit photos in detail. It lets you tweak the exposure, it allows you to fade your photo, to sharpen it, and a lot more.

Price: Free download but there are presets that are paid


Googles’s Snapseed is a lot like VSCO Cam but it is mainly used to adjust the brightness and the contrast of the photo and it avoids major editing in order to make the photo look as natural as it can be. The two (VSCO and Snapseed), contain more powerful and stronger editing allowances than Instagram’s built-in editing tools to make photos at their best.

Price: Free download


Perfect 365 is an app that is considered to be a “virtual makeup tool” because it lets you enhance your selfies and make you look like you are flawless inside and out. This tool is rumored to be used by some celebrities, in fact, almost a lot of them use it. It makes you look naturally beautiful, flawless, and neat in any angle.

Price: Free download

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Hyperlapse (iOS)

Time-lapses are currently becoming a trend and there is no harm in trying. Hyperlapse is the perfect app for creating these because it does not only allow you to slow down or speed up videos, but it allows you to stabilize the image in order to make it stand out from the others. Its almost-perfect stabilization software gets its data from your iPhone’s gyroscope to measure and erase frames that’s shaky to maintain a clean video. Although this app is available on iPhones only, there is an Android counterpart which is Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile which is pretty much the same.

Price: Free download


A few years back, Instagram does not let you post photos that aren’t square – this was when this app is on its prime. This app makes your rectangular shaped photos square so that you would not lose people, things, etc., when you post it on Instagram because you will have to crop it. This prepares your photo to be square by putting it inside a square box. Now, people use it to have a clean and neat margin to their photos.

Price: Free download

Instagram’s built-in editor is not the best in the market but hey, it is worth trying. Although these apps offer their best performances to tweak your photos, they make it to a point that it seems original and natural. Try these applications and get the best out of your Instagram game.

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