Fog Computing, the Next Big Thing?

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Storage plays a very significant role in technology, almost every gadget, every system developed should use the storage. Anything that uses data requires storage. The common storage that everyone is aware about are: the computer’s internal memory, disks/diskettes (back in the days), external storage devices such as thumb drives, external hard disks and of course, the ever so huge mainframes.

Until “Cloud” came, where, users store their data that I can almost perceive as “virtual storage”. You can save your data without any physical storage device. All you need is your computer/mobile gadget, internet connection and a cloud access.

Think of cloud like a hosting service online. A third party is required to host the cloud storage and these are the companies that own and maintain the physical storage systems. Nowadays Cloud storage is used by companies, to keep their client’s portfolio’s, store correspondences, and so on. Cloud has become very effective and popular, more people use it, and the demand increases as the time passes.

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To improve the transmission of data, the idea of Fog computing was introduced. With Fog computing, the contents will be delivered through a more geographically based platform. The closer, the better, the transmission is quicker.

Cisco systems, the company that is so keen to be on top of the Internet of Things a.k.a. Internet of Everything. The data will be transmitted wirelessly, but unlike Cloud, Fog is believed to be way much faster, more mobile, reliable, and can be easily adopted by the different industries.

Fog will not replace Cloud but to enhance or optimize its capabilities by user data isolation that should remain on the edge.

When everything is automated, transmitted wirelessly, Fog will lessen the duration of transmission and would improve every user experience.


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