Fixing Sim Card Problem “Cannot Send or Receive Text Messages”


Imagine having to send an SMS to someone and it is urgent but your phone tells you that it cannot send or receive text messages.  Well it can be a bit of a bummer, right?  You are unsure if it is because of your service provider or if it is because of your SIM card or mobile phone itself.  Most of us experience this at least once or twice each month and it can be unfortunate if this occurs on a regular basis.  How can you solve this problem and how can you prevent it from happening ever again?

Although even technology is not perfect, that does not mean that you can’t get the comfortability and the peace-of-mind that you can always rely on your devices.  Although I can say that things like these really happen, what steps can you take so that it doesn’t affect your productivity?

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Airplane Mode

If you own a smartphone, chances are, it will have this airplane mode which you can utilize in order for you to cut out power consumption.  Airplane mode is a setting which prevents receiving and sending of text messages and calls.  It cuts out almost everything, turning your smartphone into a piece of brick for a period of time.  This setting is turned on when say for example you are unable to properly receive or send messages in order to refresh your network of any intermittence or interruption.

Reboot your phone

Another thing that you can do is to reboot your phone.  Why is this one of the “possible” solutions?  Well maybe your phone is just dead tired from being used and wants a break.  By rebooting your phone, you force stop all applications even the background applications that are running.  This might just be the reason why you are having that network problem.

Remove the SIM card

Sometimes, you carry your smartphone around and just neglect the fact that the sim card might get moved or it might slide to a different position.  One thing that you can do is to reboot your system and while it’s off, remove the sim card and let it rest for 2-3 minutes.  Insert the sim card back again and it should now work this time.

Change SIM card position

Some smartphones today have this “dual-sim” ability which can hold two (2) sim cards in one device.  This is good if you are looking to have 2 different network providers all in one mobile phone.  One trick you can try, if you are failing to send or receive messages, is to change where the sim card is located (if it is in the 1st slot, put it in the 2nd slot; vice versa).  By doing this, you are trying to determine whether the problem is within the jack or slot of the sim card.

Call your service provider

Of course, one of the best things you can do is to try and contact your service provider.  Maybe, they’re just fixing some satellites or maybe they’re trying to improve some things in regard to your network.  It’s not with the sim card sometimes, though.

Combination of all

Some smartphone experts do all of these things at once.  When they experience this, they try and proceed with all of the ways listed here to arrive at a positive result in the next few minutes.  A combination of all might be a bit tricky but once you practice and get used to it, it’ll come off as simple as it can be.

It is just normal to have discrepancies and mishaps in regard to you sending or receiving messages because as I’ve said, even technology is not perfect.  Sometimes, it is also malfunctioning and it is also defying what it proves to be.  By frequently doing these, you can immediately know the root cause of why it happened and you immediately can solve it so that you have better experiences with your services.

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