4 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives


Most of us have been using Microsoft Office since the day our eyes learned about the computer. It is great because it features a lot not just a program that lets you enter data. There are a couple of mishaps with this however because oftentimes, it is not free and in order to get the best out of it, you need to pay. I am not saying that you should go and switch to these alternatives but why don’t give it a try? Here are four (4) of the best Microsoft Office alternatives you should try.

WPS Office 2016

Probably one of the most-noticeable by having the best look alike of Microsoft Office, the WPS Office offers a lot of features which are available on Windows, iOS, and Linux. It contains programs which let you make or edit documents, make or break presentations, and many more that your Microsoft Office can do. The files you will save are going to be more available in a lot more different formats so it does help you in your file switching.

It has a free 30-day trial for its premium but after the said time, it will go back to the “Free” mode if you decided not to go for the premium but trust me, you will want to pay for it.


Splitting from Apache and OppenOffice, LibreOffice maintained what they had and developed a more modern and a more user-friendly interface to help people who need it. The core suit includes Calc (spreadsheets), Writer, Impress (presentations), and so on. Saving a file is not an inch of a hassle since it supports almost all file types including ODF file formats. It is a powerful tool which offers a lot of extensions for you to further customize programs for your personal or individual needs.

This one is free so you don’t have to worry about paying anything to get the big fish. The fifth generation, which is the LibreOffice 5, added support for Apple Keynote 6, VBA macro streams, and cloud storage.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

The free version which is lighter and less compact from its predecessor, SoftMaker’s FreeOffice is a feature-rich office that includes a variety of programs you can use for productivity. The free download includes Planmaker, Textmaker, and Presentations which can be alternatives of Microsoft’s big three programs. The software’s loading time is absolutely amazing; it loads beautifully, smoothly, and without flaws (unless your computer is a total nutshell).

The software’s compatibility offers a wide range which makes it so useful if you want to switch between official Microsoft documents. It is available on Windows, Linux, and Android.


If Windows has exclusive productivity apps, Apple would not let that without a fight. iWork is considered to be the official Apple Productivity App that lets you make or edit documents, create original and authentic presentations, and a lot more. Applications under it include Pages, Keynote, and Numbers which are the counterparts of what Microsoft has to offer.

Customers can use the suite to collaborate with up to 100 users anywhere who also acquires this and can edit documents as large as 1GB. A lot of new features are coming up so if you are an avid-lover of Apple, be sure to check this out.

These are so far the best alternatives for the good-old Microsoft Office. Go and have a peek and who knows? Maybe in these are what you are all looking for. Stay tuned for more educational and helpful articles only here at EfrenNolasco.com

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