How to download pictures to your iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone from internet


IPad and other Apple devices are very comfortable and easy to use specially when you want to show some pictures or videos in your friends, but you must always connected to internet in order to access your photos on your Facebook, Instagram, Picassa or other sites that host your picture.

If you want to download some of pictures into your iPad from your online account in order to see your favorite picture even you don’t have internet connection, you can do that by just simply saving into your iPad memory.

To save pictures from internet into your iPad follow these simple steps;

  1. Tap and hold the picture that you want to save or download for at least 5 seconds and wait to the pop-up to appear; see image below.How-to-save-Picture-on-iPad-Step-1
  2. Tap the Save photo button if you are in facebook if you are in a browser save image, and your picture is save to your iPad memory.
  3. To see you’re saved or downloaded picture click the home button then go to Photos.How-to-save-Picture-on-iPad-Part-2

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