2017 Jobstreet Bonuses Report: Which Jobs/Industries Pay The Highest?


Jobstreet, as we know it is one of our allies in job-hunting. Although not everyone is a fan of it, it can ultimately help you in landing a job that you like. In addition to its tailor-fit partnering abilities, they also send out reports that I am sure a lot of people will love. Reports like jobs with the highest pay, jobs with good commission, etc. February this year, Jobstreet released one of its annual job reports, salaries, bonuses, and commission report. In their study, those working in the IT industry are paid the highest here in the Philippines.

According to Jobstreet’s country manager, Philip Gioca, the IT field has been on top for two years. So how does Jobstreet analyze these data? They gather data provided on their connections, of course.

Furthermore, they also used the data on their website. An estimated 23, 000 employers who offer at least 80, 000 jobs a day with 6 million yearning applicants.

So listed here are the top industries that pay the highest salaries to junior executives, supervisors, and managers.

Junior executives who have less than 5 years of work experience
  • IT-related (P37,034)
  • Law/legal services (P29,430)
  • Training and Development (P27,253)
  • Banking/financial services (P27,188)
  • Actuarial science/statistics (PP27,064)
  • PR/communications (P26,948)
  • Healthcare-related (P26,655)
  • Journalism/editor (P26,542)
  • Customer service-related (P24,755)

Supervisors who have 5 to 10 years of work experience

  • IT-related (P68,723)
  • Actuarial science/statistics (P65,741)
  • Law/legal services (P48,014)
  • Journalist/editor (P40,708)
  • Banking/financial services (P38,857)
  • Arts/creative design (P37,379)
  • Quality control/assurance (P37,242)
  • Training and Development (P36,443)
  • Quantity surveying (P36,203)
  • Advertising/media planning (P35,791)


  • Corporate strategy (P125,976)
  • IT-related (P91,100)
  • Actuarial science/statistics (P81,799)
  • Quality control/assurance (P80,828)
  • Customer service-related (P80,810)
  • Training and development (P77,877)
  • PR/communications (P77,219)
  • Banking/financial services (P74,837)
  • Human resources (P72,686)
  • Law/legal services (P67,402)

In the trend, 38% of the whole candidates were in the BPO industry. While 3% were in retail and 2.8% were in manufacturing. In addition to that, Jobstreet also reported the increase in the count of provincial jobs and small-medium enterprises in the Philippines.

Since we came here for the bonuses report, let’s talk about the bonuses that Jobstreet had on their site data. Through a survey, Jobstreet gathered data from occurrences from Nov 2016 to Feb 2017. This contained 80 employers and 750 employees.

In this survey, Jobstreet reported that middle management employees get the most bonuses or bonuses that can be expected to be added on top of the 13th month pay which can also be seen on their contract.

Through a nationwide perspective, more bonuses were given and guaranteed in Mindanao. Luzon, on the other hand, had the more non-guaranteed bonuses and less.

Listed below are the industries that give the most guaranteed and sure bonuses:

  • Retailing
  • Consumer durables/apparel
  • Insurance

Whilst below is the list of industries that give the most non-guaranteed bonuses:

  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Consumer durables/apparel
  • Materials/Construction

Having the knowledge of which field paid more can give you an edge in choosing a career. In addition to that, you can also try to play with different professions for you to know which field you really love.

Now, which job are you planning to take?

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